West Virginia Rural Water Association 2018 Annual Report

I am pleased to provide you with the Annual Report, which provides a snapshot of the Association’s activities in 2017. We had a great year of legislative advocacy efforts, both state and federal. Training and technical assistance are strong throughout the state. 2017 marks the initiation of a new wastewater technician position, funded by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. We welcome Elbert Morton, PE to the Rural Water Family. Our Annual Conference continued its tradition of providing excellent training, and more importantly, opportunities for you to network with your fellow systems and vendors. We made the decision to move our Annual Conference to Charleston in 2018. The Civic Center is undergoing a multi-million dollar restoration project and they are excited to host us again in 2018. Financially, our Association is healthy. Our staff is dedicated to one thing, and that is helping you and your system be the best you can be. I look forward to working with all of you. Todd Grinstead, President “The power of this Association results in a force that accomplishes objectives that no one person could accomplish on their own. In our case, we - all rural and small community people - have joined together to improve the welfare, the economy, the health, environment, and the living standards of rural Americans. We did that by providing drinking water and sanitation to rural people and communities. Our work, dedication, and leadership have allowed us to realize great accomplishments that would not have occurred without our Associations. All of the power of this movement comes from you, the grassroots, all of our accomplishments come from you, and only by organizing together with a common purpose can we realize the power of an Association.” -- NATIONAL RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION PAST PRESIDENT DOUG ANDERTON, OCTOBER 2014 In 2015, the West Virginia Rural Water Association’s (WVRWA) Board of Directors met to create a strategic planning document for the years 2016 – 2018. As part of that process, the Board created new vision and mission statements. These statements reflect the Board’s desire to be the leading advocacy group for water and wastewater systems in West Virginia, while maintaining the highest level of training and technical assistance so that you can operate your system in a technically, managerially, and financially viable way. VISION The vision of the WVRWA is to be the recognized leader and respected voice for water and wastewater systems. MISSION The mission, or purpose, of WVRWA is to provide and promote the highest level of utility service, technical assistance, training, and advocacy for all West Virginia water and wastewater systems. CORE VALUES To carry out its mission, WVRWA is dedicated to: • Keeping West Virginians healthy and safe through the provision of safe drinking water and wastewater treatment • Sustaining our water and wastewater systems • Providing our members with a range of high quality educational and training opportunities • Building strong partnerships 2