2019-2020 Washington State Hay Growers Association Directory

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 M E M B E R S H I P D I R E C TO RY 2 7 The FaStack ’ s ™ industry exclusive features allow you to stack more bales in less time. Contact your local Highline ® Dealer to find out more about the FaStack ™ 1800 and 1200 Flex. www.highlinemfg.com The FaStack ™ 1800/1200 Flex BALE STACKER by Highline ® Manufacturing Ltd. (A Bourgault Company) Stack On or Off the Strings You have the choice of stacking “on” or “off” strings, all from a hand held remote with no manual adjustments of the machine. With the flip of a switch, you decide how the bales will stack. Pick the Same Direction as Baled Get more productivity as you can pick directly behind the baler. Capacity The Highline ® FaStack ™ allows you to do more, faster. One operator can effectively retrieve bales from the field and stack them efficiently, keeping the integrity of your bales intact, minimizing your costs, and maximizing your productivity. 1 2 3