2019-2020 Washington State Hay Growers Association Directory

1 4 WA S H I N G TON S TAT E H AY G R OWE R S A S S O C I AT I ON At Alforex ® , we think you should expect more—and get more —from your alfalfa and dairy herd. With a higher leaf-to-stem ratio*, Hi-Gest ® alfalfa delivers a 5-10 % increase in fiber digestibility and extent of digestion, 3-5 % higher crude protein** and more milk per cow per day, all with high yield potential and solid agronomics. Hi-Gest is changing what producers can expect from their alfalfa. Just ask your neighbors to share their Hi-Gest story. Talk to your dealer today about raising—and meeting—your expectations for higher quality alfalfa with Hi-Gest technology. * ImprovedHi-Gest ® alfalfa leafiness,asdocumentedbyAlforexSeeds replicated trialsatWestSalem,WIandWoodland,CA,versus the followingcommercialalfalfavarieties:America’sAlfalfaBrandAmeriStand 427 TQ,CroplanBrandsLegenDairyXHDand ArtesiaSunrise,FertizonaBrandFertilac,S&WBrandsSW 6330 ,SW 7410 andSW 10 andW-LBrandsWL 319 HQandWL 354 HQ. **The increased rateoffiberdigestion,extentofdigestion,andcrudeproteindatawasdeveloped from replicated researchandon-farm testing.During the 2015 growingseasonatWestSalem,WIandWoodland,CA, the followingcommercialdormant,semi- dormantandnon-dormantalfalfavarietieswerecomparedhead-to-headwithHi-Gest ® alfalfa for rateofdigestion,extentofdigestionandpercentcrudeprotein:America’sAlfalfaBrandAmeriStand 427 TQ,CroplanBrandsLegenDairyXHDandArtesiaSunrise, FertizonaBrandFertilac,S&WSeedBrandsSW 6330 ,SW 7410 andSW 10 andW-LBrandsWL 319 HQandWL 354 HQ.Alsoduring the 2015 growingseason, 32 on-farmHi-Gesthayandsilagesamplesweresubmitted toRockRiverLaboratory, Inc., for forage analysis.The results for rateofdigestion,extentofdigestionandpercentcrudeproteinwereaveragedandcompared to the 60 -dayand four-year runningaverages foralfalfa in theRockRiverdatabasewhich includedapproximately 1,700 alfalfahayand 3,800 silage 60 -day test resultsand 23,000 hayand 62,000 silage tests results in the four-yearaverage. (877) 560-5181 | alforexseeds.com Push your alfalfa to a whole new level with Visit us at Corteva.com ™,®TrademarksofDuPont,DowAgroSciences,Pioneerandaffiliated companiesor their respectiveowners.©2018AlforexSeeds