Tile Contractors Association of America - 093000 Contractor, Spring 2021

21 093000 CONTRACTOR Spring 2021 T he reason ceramic tile is the reigning surface material specified for kitchens and bathrooms is because—it lasts. In these high-traffic areas of the home, ceramic tile’s durability repays homeowners with decades of low-maintenance service. End of discussion? Hardly. As our homes become more and more a canvas for expressing our personal styles, ceramic tile surfaces offer an unlimited array of options for color, shape, size, pattern, and layout that can be used both inside and outside. The aesthetics of ceramic tile have blurred the lines of traditional use with a creative palette appropriate for every surface, making ceramic tile an incredibly versatile style choice. The perfect union of smart and stylish, ceramic tile’s high-performance features offer once-considered “behind-the- scenes” benefits that have now taken center stage: Health and Hygiene Benefits Traditionally considered a place to rest and recharge after work, school, and socializing, homes are now our makeshift offices, classrooms, gyms, studios—you name it. This increased use furthers the marketplace’s growing demands for hygienic surfacing materials like ceramic tile that support easy sanitization and contribute to cleaner settings. Ceramic tile has advantages that make living in a hygienic world easier: • Easy to clean: Wiping with soap and water 1 is all that’s needed to clean up most messes—no harsh chemicals are necessary. • Disinfectant-friendly: Occasional use of stronger cleaners and disinfectants will not dull or damage ceramic surface materials. • Antibacterial: Ceramic tile is inhospitable to the growth of bacteria. • Antimicrobial: Options are available with antimicrobial properties that can suppress and even destroy harmful microorganisms, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. • Hypoallergenic: Ceramic tile contains no allergens, and allergens in the environment such as dust, dirt, and pollen are easy to remove and can’t penetrate tile’s hard-fired surface. Specifying Style and Durability with Ceramic Tile By Roxanne Morris, Marketing & Media Relations Manager Tile Council of North America