Tile Contractors Association of America - 093000 Contractor, Fall 2021

21 093000 CONTRACTOR Fall 2021 G reen building principles are rooted in environmental sustainability, and more recently in human wellness. Designers and specifiers are now increasingly focused on building product contents and their impact on human health. As a result, today’s green building market not only requires environmental performance and transparency, but also transparency pertaining to product ingredients. To satisfy green and healthy building market demands and facilitate product conformance to rating programs, codes, regulations, and purchasing requirements, Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and its members have undertaken the following important initiatives over the past decade: Green Squared ® standardization and certification, industry-wide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and the Material Ingredient Guide. Green Squared ® was established nearly a decade ago as the world’s first standard and certification program for sustainable ceramic tiles and tile installation materials. It continues to serve as an important specification tool for the sustainability performance of products. With life-cycle- based multi-attribute sustainability criteria for product characteristics, manufacturing, end of life, corporate governance, and innovation, the standard ANSI A138.1, on which Green Squared ® is based, is regularly referenced by green building codes and rating programs and by sustainable procurement officials. A ceramic tile or related installation product which bears the Green Squared Certified ® mark on its packaging or literature has been independently verified by one of two approved certification bodies, UL Environment or SCS Global, to meet ANSI A138.1. A listing of products which have been Green Squared Certified ® is available at GreenSquaredCertified.com, and this database of information is syndicated with other databases which list products eligible for green building contribution. These include purchasing portals developed by the GSA for federal purchasers, libraries of sustainable products developed for public universities’ procurement departments, catalogs of green building products approved by several A&D firms, and the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s product search engine. Furthermore, UL Environment and SCS Global each list Green Squared Certified ® tiles and related installation materials in their product databases, which are syndicated with a host of additional databases throughout the design community. Regarding environmental transparency, there is a growing need among green CERAMIC TILE INDUSTRY STANDARDS, CERTIFICATIONS, AND GUIDANCE MATERIALS FOR GREEN BUILDING SPECIFICATION By Bill Griese, LEED AP, Director of Standards Development and Sustainability Initiatives, TCNA