QRCA Views Magazine, Winter 2018

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Managing the Shift from In-Person to Online 18
A Conversation with Joe Coughlin 38
Online or Offline - Finding the Sweet Spot 42
In Their Eyes: How Understanding Respondent Perceptions Can Help Improve the Research Process 46
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Sneak Preview of The QRCA Annual Conference 12
Get on the Fast Track to Creative Problem Solving and Ignite Your Qualitative Practice 22
Around the World with Peer Workshops 28
What the Tax Reform Act of 2018 Could Mean for You, as a Small Business Owner in the US 32
How Qualitative Market Researchers Can Add Mystery Shopping to their Toolkits 50
Check Out Our Newest Podcast 58
Four New Book Reviews 54
From the Editor-In-Chief 8
From the President 10
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