QRCA Views Magazine, Winter 2018

58 QRCA VIEWS Winter 2018 www.qrca.org n PODCAST n QRCA continues to conduct and record interviews with thought leaders in the qualitative research industry. These podcasts shed light on subjects of great interest to those whose work involves qualitative research. Podcasts of these interviews are available at the QRCA website ( qrca.org ) under the Publications link as streaming audio. In casual conversations with architects and developers, Podcast Editor Foster Winter has heard interesting accounts of exploratory meetings and interactions that are conducted with community stakeholders during a community planning process. Of interest is the work of Philip Denning, our guest on this edition of the VIEWS Podcast. Prior to joining the City of Cincinnati, where he is director of Community and Economic Development, Phil’s work for a New Orleans architecture and planning firm involved him with vital community engagement projects post-hurricane Katrina. Beyond the world of marketing, it’s qualitative research in action. These community meetings are often very large group sessions. Listeners will note the tie-in with the March 2018 VIEWS podcast with Missy Carvin about the World Café Technique. And speaking of previous podcasts, be sure to check out the archives for discussions with interesting folks and a variety of topics from co-creation to becoming a master moderator. Fall Podcast: The Role of Qualitative Listening in Community Planning: A Conversation with Philip Denning, Cincinnati’s Director of Community & Economic Development Q R C A