QRCA Views Magazine, Winter 2018

46 QRCA VIEWS Winter 2018 www.qrca.org What Was Done? Two phases of research were executed. The first phase was a qualitative bulletin board with 15 physicians and 13 patients from the US, UK and France. It was a single board conducted in English. (Thank you very much to my French participants!) The second phase was a 20-minute quantitative, native-language survey that was designed based on addi- tional qualitative research conducted in Brazil, France, UK and the US with physicians and patients as well as with physicians in China. n TOOLBOX n By Caroline Volpe n President n Compass Market Research LLC n Schwenksville, PA n caroline@compass marketresearch.com H ave you ever wondered what participants think of the qualitative research process? I did. When curiosity over- whelmed me, I undertook primary research to uncover what individuals who had participated in any type of qualitative research in the past year thought of the process, from the initial recruitment contact to payment of honoraria. We partnered with M3 USA Corporation on this research effort. The goal was to see what could be done differently to improve research quality and ensure that participants have a good experience. How Understanding Respondent Perceptions Can Help Improve the Research Process I n T h e i r E y e s :