Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Winter 2020

By Roben Allong, CEO n Lightbeam Communications n New York, New York n robena@lightbeamnyc.com Annalie Killian is vice president, strategic partnerships at Sparks and Honey in New York City. HOW TO BE A CATALYST AND OTHER TRANSFORMATION STORIES O ver a bottle of champagne and a plate of New York style BBQ ribs, Annalie Killian, vice president, strategic partnerships at Sparks and Honey, a premier New York cultural consultancy and recognized innovator, sat down with Business Matters Feature Editor Roben Allong for an informative interview focused on driving strategic transformation. In 2020, the increasingly loud buzz in the business world is around reinvention and innovation. How does one go about reinventing a company? A brand? Your research practice? Yourself? The quarantine that we were all forced to endure has led us to ask interesting questions of ourselves, our attitudes, our values, and our future outlook on what we’re going to do next given this new normal. COVID-19 has granted an unusual opportunity to reset. What should this new normal look like? 26 QRCA VIEWS WINTER 2020 www.qrca.org n BUSINESS MATTERS n