Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Winter 2019

Qualitative Research Consultants Association 43 A s researchers, some of us are on the road…a lot. We pack up, ven- ture out, return home, some- times skip unpacking, and ven- ture out again. It can be exhausting! This is a reminder to bring the same curiosity to travel as we do in our work. We might as well because we spend a lot of time doing it. If we stay heads down, working furi- ously between layovers, these fascinat- ing travel trends may go unnoticed. Pick your head up, come out of the fog, and capitalize on your newfound knowledge of these travel trends. You might discover ways to spice up your own travel. Alternatively, you might miss the trending connections to the very work and research we do every day. Looking at travel trends holisti- cally offers insight into the collective drive and desires we have as humans. If you need further convincing, you’ll find that a variety of industries we work within are impacted by some of these trends, and your knowledge could be creative fuel for your projects. Here are eight trends to spice up your travel. 1. The Unexplored Deep People are starting to look down for travel instead of up, looking to catch a glimpse into the unexplored deep. It’s becoming increasingly trendy to explore the vast amount of earth’s undiscovered ocean. While submarines used to be made for scientific research or military use only, it’s not the case anymore. Don’t fret, you don’t need your own submarine; however, you do need a bit of cash and patience to be on the waiting list for options like the Poseidon Resort in Fiji where you can stay in an underwater luxury hotel. Alternatively, you could book a subma- rine trip, considering options like Neyk Submarine, the result of collaboration between Ocean Submarine, MTU, Bosch, and Rolls Royce. It’s a teardrop-shaped luxury underwater capsule complete with an airplane cabin style, leather seats, a full bar, galley, and library. Want more? Ocean Gate aims to bring costs down for comprehensive commercial expeditions, including their 2020 offering of a Titanic Survey Expedition. From underwater hotels to deep-sea exploration, adventurous tourists and research enthusiasts are finding new ways to scratch their curiosity. 2. Airports as Destinations Airports are becoming full-blown desti- nations complete with museums, spas, playgrounds, movie theaters, video gaming centers, art, world-class eateries and shop- ping, light shows, and the list goes on. Since we spend so much time in airports, it’s a nice change of pace to be welcomed as a guest as they do at Indianapolis Inter- national. Cities around the world are fol- lowing the trend and redesigning their air- ports in a way that represents their city while welcoming travelers as esteemed guests. Terminal B at Philadelphia Interna- tional underwent a $30 million makeover Neyk Submarine’s luxury underwater capsule gives travelers a glimpse into the deep Singapore’s Changi Airport boasts a 130-foot waterfall among other posh amenities