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THE QRCA VIEWS TEAM ATTENDING THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN SAN DIEGO! Back Row (left to right): Oana Popa Rengle, Mark Wheeler Middle Row (left to right): Board Vice President Michael Mermelstein, Tamara Kenworthy, Karen Lynch, Melanie Brewer, Natalia Infante Caylor, Susan Fader, Frankie Lipinski, Tom Neveril Front Row: Sebastian Murdoch-Gibson Not Pictured: Pamela Batzel, Zoë Billington, Mike Carlon, Quinne Fokes, Jen Hinton, Ashley Paulson, Laurie Pumper, Nick Wise school tennis coach, her sister, the younger sister and husband of one of my high school classmates, and the tournament director of so many pickleball tournaments around the country, who coincidentally happens to be from my hometown. Tournaments are also a great way to blend travel, pickleball, and friends. In addition to the National Senior Games in Albuquerque, I’ve competed in various tournaments around the Mid-Atlantic and across Florida, including the U.S. Open in Naples, the Delray Beach Open, the APP World Pickleball Open and PPA Riverland Open in Port St. Lucie, and the U.S. Team Pickleball Florida Cup in Daytona Beach. Competing is only half the fun. Tournaments are a festival-like experience that make it easy to see pickleball friends from all over and make new ones, plus watching the “pros” play is inspirational and, at this early stage in the sports lifecycle, also super intimate. When I’m planning a vacation, I use the same process and also reach out to my fellow USA Pickleball Ambassadors to learn more about opportunities within that region. Then I string together a trip that includes playing multiple venues. On page 61 is an example with places that I played on a week-long New England pickleball vacation. Integrating Pickleball in Your Remote Work Schedule When I’m scheduling real-time remote research such as webcam interviews/groups and even client/ team meetings, I do my best to protect certain days/times of the week when I know I have strong pickleball playing opportunities. This allows me to guarantee that my exercise actually happens on a regular basis and leaves me feeling refreshed and energized so that I can be more productive while I’m working. Nowadays, pickleball can often be found being played seven days a week at nearby tennis courts, gyms, and recreation centers, with most venues active in the mornings (typically seven to eleven o’clock) and again late afternoons/early evenings. Pickleball’s explosive growth is making it a fun option for people of all ages and skill levels to play almost anywhere, at home, or on the road. Just beware . . . it’s addictive (albeit a very healthy addiction)! 62 CONNECTING. EDUCATING. ADVANCING. Have Paddle, Will Travel CONT INUED