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People of color moved to the forefront, and their concerns were taken up by media outlets across the world. Addressing the concerns and needs of people of color became an urgent priority broadly—including for brands. These unprecedented events ultimately changed how brands address and want to address diverse communities. Now, more than ever, there is a sense of urgency to better understand the experiences of individuals—from women, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and LGBTQ+ communities to help inform outreach strategies and create more inclusive products and services. Organizations are recognizing that they can no longer afford to ignore the demands of inclusion from communities of color. Qualitative researchers have a unique opportunity to tell the stories of marginalized individuals. Traditionally, market researchers have helped bridge the gap between organizations and the communities they seek to understand. But today’s social and racial renaissance requires analysis that gets at the cultural nuances that may exist. Research methodology best practices often highlight the importance of making your participants comfortable during the data collection process to ensure a fruitful interaction with a respondent. But there has been less emphasis on the importance of researchers understanding the cultural or ethnic background of your participants to ultimately shape the insights you surface. That’s why your Diverse The events of 2020 are a time in history we will never forget. The pandemic, combined with the racial and social uprisings seen in many countries that summer, exacerbated issues impacting communities of color— and brought them to the surface. RESEARCH Help Maximize Your Insights TEAMS 50 CONNECTING. EDUCATING. ADVANCING. n TOOLBOX n