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By Nick Chiarelli n Engagement Lead n Trends and Futures Team n Ipsos Mori n London, U.K. How Brands Can Become More Meaningful to Consumers and How Research Can Help AN AGENDA FOR 2022 AND BEYOND Surrounded by Problems It was arguably one of the most famous images of 2021. Tuvalu’s foreign minister, Simon Kofe, recorded a speech for the United Nations COP26 climate conference in Glasgow standing knee-deep in seawater. The idea was to highlight how his low-lying Pacific Island nation is on the front line of climate change, and it worked. The images of Kofe standing in a suit and tie at a lectern set up in the sea were shared widely on social media and focused attention on a profound problem facing not just Tuvalu but all of us. Sadly, climate change is but one of the problems facing the world over the next few years. The United Nations (U.N.) currently lists twenty-two “Global Issues,” and, even then, they point out that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list but, instead, just an overview of some of the major issues all global citizens should be aware of.1 Climate change, air pollution, COVID-19, Brexit, resource depletion, constrained global supply chains, growing inequality, and on and on. Looking at one particular challenge— natural disasters—can help us to see how understanding the issue can help rally 40 CONNECTING. EDUCATING. ADVANCING. n TRENDS n