Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Summer 2020

n TRENDS n I t started with someone suffering from a deep cough on a crowded street corner. Or in a coffee shop. Or at a social gathering. These coughs were heard around the world. With shelter-in-place restrictions, families were suddenly forced to completely restructure their day, with everyone’s schedules playing out in the same living space. Day of the week or the date…who knows? When our phones reminded us that we were spending too much time on our screens, or on social media apps, we turned off those settings, because who were we kidding? Our phones became lifelines to the outside world. We are living through an era of novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. For businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has injected a whole new level of uncer- tainty. Taking our collective experiences into consideration, we can see there are many lessons and even some silver linings emerging from this situation that can be implemented for future outbreaks as well as in market research in this new normal. COVID-19: #MRX RESPONSE TO PANDEMIC DISRUPTION 56 QRCA VIEWS SUMMER 2020 www.qrca.org