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n LUMINARIES n By Zoë Billington n Lead of Research & Consumer Insights n Vimeo n New York, New York n zbillington@gmail.com Going behind the Scenes with KEVIN GOETZ FADE IN: VIRTUAL ZOOM INTERVIEW——SOMETIME IN THE MORNING PST/EARLY AFTERNOON EST KEVIN and ZOË appear on Zoom with cameras and mics on. Kevin is the founder and current CEO of Screen Engine/ASI, one of the few firms in the world that conducts specialized research on Hollywood’s movies and television content. Zoë is a consumer researcher and strategist in the tech industry who also serves as the editor of the VIEWS Luminaries column. Kevin sits in a leather club chair. There’s a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf behind his right shoulder. Zoë has a virtual Zoom background to create the illusion of having a bookshelf despite being in a small Brooklyn apartment. ZOË Hi, Kevin, good morning. It’s great to meet you. KEVIN Great to meet you, too. Thanks for doing this. ZOË My pleasure, I’m really excited about learning more about your unique career. Can you start off by telling me a little bit about your company? 32 CONNECTING. EDUCATING. ADVANCING.