Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Spring 2021

bers have had this kind of training in school, but the rest of us took drawing classes and visual facilitation training to acquire a new set of skills that we now use in both internal and external meetings. Another skill set that just made it to our toolbox is video making and editing. International clients are now unable to travel to China to meet their consumers. Normally, they would have requested a city visit plus the consumer visit and some accompanied shopping sessions. These clients are also eager to see and feel the Chinese consumer’s life today, and they cannot get it from the media, which is too generic, not specific to their needs. We have expanded our skills into creating various types of video-based insights, from mini-documentaries to hot-topic featured videos. 5. Building cross-cultural bridges by sharing cultural insights in domestic and international social media. 6. Implementing a personal style transformation. This started with me being accused of not being stylish enough for fashion projects. It en- couraged me to take fashion training together with stylists and professional buyers. Classes included Asian color systems and clinics, individual style clinics, clothing collocation, closet management, buyer training, and hairstyling and makeup. I ended up changing much of my personal style, and so did my team member Aileen. Yes, I have become more qualified for the fashion projects as I wished, but it was also an experiment that sparked many debates about visual codes of masculinity and femininity in the Chinese culture—an experiment that wouldn’t have been possible (maybe) if these COVID-19 times hadn’t pres- sured us to think about what our life could be and what different choices we could make. Conclusion The pressure to innovate due to COVID-19 enabled me to integrate so many things I love into the way I conduct business. In fact, my intention to always start from a place of love still found its way into 2020, and from the very beginning of the year! Right after I got stranded in Texas, a dozen angels from QRCA extended their love to me by offering a place to live, saying comforting words, connecting me to useful resources, praying with me, and driving me to the airport. Their acts of love warm up my heart and help me to stay strong. I hope my own behavior followed their example and extended some love to the world. Thank you, Isabel Aneyba, Janet Standen, Marc Engel, Caryn Goldsmith, Judith Wright, Dina Shulman, Marissa Brown, and many more! n HUMOR n QUALITATIVE RESEARCH CONSULTANTS ASSOCIATION 31