Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Spring 2021

By Laurie Tema-Lyn n Practical Imagination Enterprises n Monroe Township, New Jersey n laurie@practical-imagination.com My First Attempt Failed—but It Was a Great Learning Experience In spring 1995, I left IdeaScope Associates, the strategic innovation consulting firm I had co-founded twelve years prior. Burned out, I wanted to recharge by spending time on a passion project—a cookbook that I had been working on sporadically over several years. I wanted to interweave my love of cooking delicious, healthy foods with my experiences in creative facilitation. Creating the Creative Cook: An Almost Vegetarian Cookbook for Almost Brave Cooks (CTCC) brought together my thinking about the value of playing with food, tasting it first in the imagination, using fresh ingredients, working with color and a varied palette of herbs and spices, and many more ideas. The 167-page book ultimately included 67 recipes that I created, each with variations and several creative exercises to spark new thinking. I Spent Two Years Trying to Get It Published I followed the steps that my research suggested were critical for a first-time author to be given a chance at a publishing contract. I scoured libraries and bookstores for anything that might be competitive to my book concept, and I couldn’t find anything. I identified the publishers whom I thought would be a good fit. I retained a publishing A Tale of Two Books and Ten Lessons Learned HOW TO GET HAPPILY PUBLISHED 22 QRCA VIEWS SPRING 2021 www.qrca.org n TOOLBOX n