Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Fall 2020

In early March of this year, while the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to take hold, a special project spread exponen- tially. Born out of the desire to get answers, Not Everyday Life (NEL) took on a life of its own thanks to personal and social connections. The community rallied around the research, producing contributions and questions, and making sense of what was happening quite rapidly. This success showed that quality control does not need hierarchical control. Democratic research is possible and enjoyable. The numbers and the output so far are a living proof of this. In the Beginning, There Was... a Post What happens if one researcher posts an appeal on LinkedIn, inviting his connections to conduct interviews to grasp the new reality of the novel virus for consumers? In this case, it was the start of a project—Not Everyday Life—that rapidly and unexpectedly took on a life of its own. While everyone who regis- tered was busy carrying out interviews to submit, a completely new form of working together in qualitative research was evolving. By Siamack Salari n Everydaylives SNC n Genval, Belgium n siamack@noteverydaylife.com By Valeria Maltoni n Strategic Consultant n Conversation Agent LLC n Blue Bell, Pennsylvania n valeria@valeriamaltoni.com By Katrin Horn, PhD n Commercial Semiotician n truly resonate consulting UG n Frankfurt, Germany n katrin.horn@truly-resonate.com The story of Not Everyday Life: f r o m 0 t o 900 i n 30 D a y s n GLOBAL n 56 QRCA VIEWS FALL 2020 www.qrca.org