Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Fall 2019

40 QRCA VIEWS Fall 2019 www.qrca.org C onventional research methods don’t always cut it when it comes to exploring future consumer behaviours. Trend research is a powerful method to detect change at an early stage as it provides an analysis of emerging shifts in people’s needs and wants. These trend insights are essential in innovation processes and serve as a foundation to create future-proof strategies and concepts. Let’s dive into the world of trends and wake up your inner trendwatcher! The Crystal Ball Shattered The profession of a trend researcher is still highly charged with stereotypes. Many think it is about spotting the latest fashion styles or the newest gadgets. Images of crystal balls and guru-like fore- casters abound. I fully understand this preconception because it was mine too, some twenty years ago. But when I started to orientate myself on trend research, the scales fell from my eyes. I was amazed about the broader scope of this field and how it includes so much more than just hype or this season’s colour schemes. Also, many feel that trend research is about predicting the future. Maybe a n TOOLBOX n Your Inner Trendwatcher Wake Up