Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - QRCA Views Magazine, Summer 2019

24 QRCA VIEWS Summer 2019 www.qrca.org n TOOLBOX n I n this article, I review the benefits of taking on projects that I often call “hired-gun research” or “mercenary moderating.” Basically, these are projects where the qualitative research consultant (QRC) is asked to come in to moderate and that is pretty much it—usually it requires no involve- ment in the strategic development of the project, and no involvement with recruiting, facilities, screeners or travel. The discussion guide is pretty much done for you. Any handouts or stimuli are handled by others. After the groups or interviews you might be asked to participate in a debrief call or to put together a brain-dump topline email, but typically not a report. These types of projects are for an engagement in your local market, but they are only one small part of what is often a much larger project being con- ducted in multiple markets, and the cli- ents just need a moderator for your market or country. You are part of a team of moderators, each doing the moderating in their local markets to achieve the overall, larger project. I’m going to call these MEMO projects, for M icro E ngagement M oderating O nly. Not that I’m trying to coin a phrase, but simply, as far as I’m aware, there is not an actual term to describe this specific type of project. And the word “memo” is somewhat appropriate as these projects are short, not deeply involved, and have a take- care-of-it-and-done nature to them, like a memo. MEMO Projects— T h e B e n e f i t s o f M e r c e n a r y M o d e r a t i n g