QRCA Views Magazine, Fall 2018

38 QRCA VIEWS FALL 2018 www.qrca.org C In the past, Xennials have been casu- ally studied and depicted as older Millennials, and as you might have noticed, this was a generational analysis that never seemed to entirely correspond with this group’s experiences and out- look. Experts have identified Xennials, a microgeneration born between 1977 and n TRENDS n XENN IALS, A H Y B R I D G E N E R A T I O N By Shaili Bhatt n Sr. Research Director n C+R Research n Chicago, IL n shailib@crresearch.com 1983, to be sandwiched between Millennials and Gen X. Several sociol- ogists and bloggers claim to have invented the term Xennial—the term is essentially a mash-up of Gen X and Millennial. But the experiences that have shaped Xennials prove to run much deeper. Xennials are the last generation of children that grew up without the Internet just prior to the turn of the century. Sounds like the start of a dys- topian eBook, but it’s not all that bad. C an you think of a moment in history or pop culture that shaped your world view? In what ways did it affect you? It’s fascinating how indirect events and cultural trends can influence our individual needs, actions, and emotions—and in this piece, we will examine Xennials.