2019 Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Membership Directory

12 PNVA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY 2019-2020 YOU TAKE PRIDE IN GROWING YOUR PRODUCE. WE TAKE PRIDE IN PROTECTING IT. FOOD-FRIENDLY Our plastic bins meet USDA standards and protect your vegetables from splinters, pests, pathogens, mold, or other undesirable elements commonly found in wood bins. BUILT FOR AGRICULTURAL APPLICATIONS Our bins are engineered to fit directly on harvesting equipment and move vegetables from the field to processing or go straight to market. DESIGNED TO LAST & PROTECT Smooth surfaces and rounded inner corners safeguard your contents and minimize product bruising. Bins are maintenance-free and stand up to repeated power washing or steam cleaning. MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS Abundant size options, solid or vented sides, flexible runner configurations, and great color choices are part of our standard offering. Plus, you can customize sizes, add casters, doors, lids, drains, RFID tracking, and more. REUSABLE & RECYCLABLE Bins are engineered from high-density polyethylene which is stable and durable. When their useful lives are over, they’re 100% recyclable for zero waste to landfill. COMPACT & STACKABLE We’ve built efficiency into our designs. All bins are stackable and either nest or break down to store inside each other when not in use. Unique 3 runner and 2 runner design protects vegetables from damage when stacked. 877-999-6229 www.decadeproducts.com info@decadeproducts.com