2019 Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Membership Directory

10 PNVA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY 2019-2020 “The biggest advantage to CropLogic™ realTime is that you can see hour by hour the soil moisture levels on the farm. The information on the dashboard and app can help you manage your irrigation better and help you output higher-quality yields.” - Cody, Onion Grower, Washington, USA Better manage your soil moisture levels  Monitor, track & measure soil moisture data all-in-the-one place with CropLogic™ realTime Make performance-enhancing irrigation & agronomic decisions at the click of a button   Simple-to-use dashboard & app with accurate & concise insights  sales.us@croplogic.com  croplogic.com Washington 1102 N California Ave, Pasco, Washington, 99301. P: +1 509.547.1170 Idaho College of Southern Idaho, 315 Falls Ave, Evergreen Building, Room C89, Twin Falls, Idaho, 83301. P: +1 208.732.6894 Better predict your crop behavioral trends  Gain a bird’s-eye view of your crops’ health with infrared, vegetative & normal color imagery A powerful solution for early detection and invention of problem areas   24-hour turnaround & chronological image display via CropLogic™ realTime dashboard