Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce Community Guide 2022

4 OTTAWA AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GREETINGS! John Coen, President & CEO Greetings & Welcome: As President/CEO of the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce, I am pleased you are taking a moment to investigate our community. This directory is a gateway of information and an introduction to Ottawa and Franklin County, Kansas. I genuinely hope you will take time to discover and become acquainted with the many people, businesses, services, and attractions which our vibrant East Central Kansas community has to offer. Visitors and newcomers are welcome in Ottawa and Franklin County and are often surprised by the many amenities available in the area. This publication will help introduce you and let you know why we are proud of our quality of life and all the opportunities offered here. You will quickly understand why Franklin County has demonstrated consistent growth every U.S. Census since 1890 (the first census)! Located in the center of the county, the City of Ottawa is the county seat. Franklin County also hosts seven smaller cities: Lane, Pomona, Princeton, Rantoul, Richmond, Wellsville, and Williamsburg…each community with its own unique individualism and rich history. We are a diverse and inclusive community of all ages and all people. Thank you for your interest. We hope you will join us for a day and decide to stay for a lifetime. You will be welcomed with open hearts and minds. Together, we strive to expand on existing relationships and create new ones to build a better community! John Coen Sherri Lund, Office Manager Thank you for your interest in our community. We at the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce are excited about the diverse opportunities we have to offer our members as well as our community. We hope you will take part in some, or all, of our events. To name a few, we have our annual Flea, Junk and Trunk in March; Ladies Night Out in October, and the Mayor’s Tree Lighting in November. Not only are these great events for our community, but for our surrounding communities as well. We also offer fantastic travel opportunities that are open to anyone. If you’re interested in learning more, I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you. Lastly, we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our Members. For them we are forever grateful. Sherri Lund Ryland Miller, Community Liaison Hello! I am excited that you have taken an interest in where I call home: Ottawa, Kansas. Our community is made up of people from all walks of life; diversity and inclusivity are something that I respect most about our town. As the Community Liaison, I get the opportunity to facilitate communication between our members, the community, and Chamber staff. The Chamber’s goal is to be informative and transparent, and I believe this directory gives the reader the ability to learn more about Ottawa, the Chamber, but most importantly, about the amazing business community we have here. I encourage those with free time and an appreciation for beautiful small towns to take a peek into our community, and what I imagine you will find is a great place to work and call home. I hope you can find joy in my community as much as I have. We want to be a service to all, so do not hesitate to reach out to your local Chamber. Talk to you soon! Ryland Miller