Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce Community Guide 2022

15 COMMUNITY GUIDE & MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Walnut Creek 198 198 33 33 50 35 Wellsville ES Wellsville HS AdventHealth Ottawa Thomas Rd E 1st St Shawnee Ter Vermont Ter tafford Ter Stafford Rd E 7th St Thomas Rd Stafford Rd W 7th St Virginia Rd W 10th St Oak St Shawnee Ter Chilton Ave 9th St Ter E 2nd St E 8th St Main St Meadow Ct W 1st St W 5th St N Elm St W 3rd St Ter E 10th St Stafford Rd Poplar St Pine St Ash St Downey Dr Benton Dr Sta ford Ter Hunt St W 2nd St E 5th St Oak St W 3rd Ter Walnut St Locust St Edgewood Dr S Main St N Maple Ter Pendleton Ave E 4th St E 3rd St Douglas St W 4th St Prairie Ln Meadowbrook Ln W 3rd St Pendleton Ct Maple St Cedarlane Dr Apple Ln Hayes Rd W 6th St Hedge Rd Fiber Ln Vermont Rd E 6th St Vermont Rd WELLSVILLE 68 68 W 5th St W 7th St Hayes St California Terrace California Terrace California Terrace Jefferson St Jefferson St Monroe St Taylor St Truman St Truman St Tyler St Tyler St Tyler St Truman St Truman St Taylor St Taylor St Monroe St Monroe St Hoover St Hoover St Hoover St Hayes St Hayes St Harrison St W 7th St E 7th St E 7th St W 4th St W 2nd St W 2nd St W 1st St 1st St W 4th St E 4th St E 2nd St E 2nd St Hogue St E 4th St E 5th St E 5th St W 5th St W 6th St E 6th St E 6th St Madison St Colorado Rd Madison St W Franklin St E Franklin St Madison St S Madison St West Franklin MS West Franklin HS West Franklin USD287 Pomona Community Library POMONA PUBLISHED BY: E&M Consulting, Inc. | 800-572-0011 | The information herein is intended to be an accurate representation of existing records. E&M Consulting, Inc. reserves all rights to the information contained in this document, be it cartographic or other. E&M Consulting, Inc., and its employees are not responsible for the goods or services, whether expressed or implied, rendered by any of the companies advertising. Road Text Major Road Text Railroad Interstate Highway 183 35 US Highway 59 County Boundaries Park/Golf Text Business Park Police Station Fire Station Flint Hills Nature Trail Prairie Spirit Rail Trail Bike Lane Multi-Use Path Future Flint Hills Nature Trail State Highway 68 33 Airport Golf Course Post Of ce Point of Interest Hospital College School LEGEND Cemetery TRAILS: