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MEDIA KIT 2023 One of the many benefits of being an Oklahoma Trucking Association member, is access to the only Oklahoma publication dedicated to the trucking industry, the Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine. Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine readers are educated, influential business leaders who have a strong presence in Oklahoma’s trucking industry. FOR MORE INFORMATION p. 405.369.6349 | tf. 800.572.0011 x8005 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TODAY! Motor Carrier MAGAZINE O K L A H O M A

2 | OKLAHOMA TRUCKING ASSOCIAT ION BACKGROUND The Oklahoma Trucking Association (OTA) was established in 1932. It is a non-profit, full-service trade association formed to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry within Oklahoma. In this age of economic deregulation, OTA is committed to help you cope with the daily minefields of compliance and enforcement regulation that a carrier faces from all levels of our government. OTA members are as focused on safety as they are on profitability because, in the long term, a company cannot excel in the one aspect of its operation without succeeding in the other. The safety arm of the Association is the Oklahoma Safety & Security Council. LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GET IN FRONT OF OKLAHOMA’S TRUCKING INDUSTRY? 5,350+ The Oklahoma Trucking Association is comprised of corporate members, highly targeted trucking executives, shipping executive members, state legislative representatives, key business executives and other businesses across the state. ANNUAL REACH DISTRIBUTION 44% OF THE OKLAHOMA MOTOR CARRIER MAGAZINE’S READERS MAKE PURCHASING DECISIONS OFTEN. 37% OF READERS ARE OWNERS OR EXECUTIVES WITHIN THEIR COMPANIES.

2023 MEDIA KI T | 3 ADVERTISING RATES Full Color Rates 1 Issue 4 Issues 8 Issues Center Spread $1,999 $1,899 $1,749 Back Cover $1,099 $999 $949 Inside Front Cover $999 $899 $849 Inside Back Cover $999 $899 $849 Facing IFC $899 $799 $749 Full Page $799 $699 $649 1/2 Page $499 $399 $349 1/4 Page $399 $299 $249 Business Card $299 $229 $199 All rates listed are per issue. SPECIFICATIONS Color Space: Full Color | Frequency: Quarterly Binding: Saddle-Stitch | Trim Size: 8.375” x 10.875” CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP ONLINE www.reserveyourad.com/OTA ARTWORK SUBMISSION – Email your artwork files to magazine@emconsultinginc.com – Adobe CC files or a high-res PDF are preferred – “Stuffed” or compressed files are welcomed if necessary – TIF, EPS, or JPEG formats for photos/images – Mac & PC files are both accepted REQUIREMENTS • High resolution files are preferred (300 DPI) • The following formats are accepted: .tif .pdf .jpg .png .eps NEED HELP? GRAPHIC DESIGN RATE Ad Creation - Full Page......... $149 Ad Creation - 1/2; 2/3. ......... $119 Ad Creation - 1/3; 1/4; 1/6..... $79 Ad Creation - Bcard................ $49 Logo Creation. ................$65/hour AD SPECIFICATIONS Center Spread....................................... 17” x 11.125” Full Page..................................................... 8” x 10.5” Full Page (with bleed)....................... 8.625” x 11.125” 1/2 Page Horizontal.......................................7.5” x 5” 1/2 Page Vertical..................................... 3.625” x 10” 1/4 Page................................................... 3.625” x 5” Business Card.............................................. 3.5” x 2” Full Page Full Page (with bleed) 1/2 Page Business Card Ad Specs (width by height) 1/4 Page

4 | OKLAHOMA TRUCKING ASSOCIAT ION FOR MORE INFORMATION Caleb Tindal, Magazine Manager, E&M Consulting, Inc. p. 405.369.6349 | tf. 800.572.0011 x107 caleb@emconsultinginc.com E&M ADDRESS 1107 Hazeltine Boulevard, Suite #350, Chaska, MN 55318 p. 800.572.0011 | fx. 952.448.9928 DIRECT MAIL Direct mail is interactive, it’s memorable, and it can have a big reach. All that your direct mailers need to have is something identifying you or your business, a call to action (CTA), and a way for your customers to contact you. The rest is up to you!The direct mailer is a double-sided postcard, so please submit two artwork files at the specs provided below.The direct mailer will be polybagged with the magazine. VERTICAL OPTION Two-sided: Front & Back Bleed Specs: 4.25” width x 6.25” height Trim Size: 4” width x 6” height HORIZONTAL OPTION Two-sided: Front & Back Bleed Specs: 6.25” width x 4.25” height Trim Size: 6” width x 4” height FILE SETUP Files should be 300 DPI for better resolution. As a general rule, higher resolution files provide a nicer output. Please include a (0.25”) bleed around your postcard document. Please submit in PDF or TIF format. 1 Issue Rate Annual Rate Frequency Available $1,000 $4,000 4 The pricing for Annual Rate above will cover all of the issues produced for the magazine. The cost listed covers the copies of the magazine mailed to the membership, but additional copies of the postcard are available upon request. Any extra copies will result in an additional charge. AD MATERIAL CALENDAR QUARTER 1 Artwork Deadline: March 15 Estimated Delivery: Mid-April QUARTER 2 Artwork Deadline: July 21 Estimated Delivery: Mid-August QUARTER 3 Artwork Deadline: October 20 Estimated Delivery: Mid-November QUARTER 4 Artwork Deadline: December 15 Estimated Delivery: Mid-January TO SUBMIT ARTWORK magazine@eandmsales.com

2023 MEDIA KI T | 5 DIGITAL EDITION In addition to print, Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine is also available to members in a fully interactive digital version. Viewers can virtually flip through the pages, forward articles of interest to colleagues and click on ads to be redirected to the company’s website. Digital Mag Banner 1 Issue 4 Issues 8 Issues Ad Specs Digital Link $199 $199 $199 See Below* Single Box $249 $229 $209 833 x 1146px Double Box $399 $369 $339 833 x 2363px Full Side Banner $499 $449 $419 833 x 3583px Double Side Banners $899 $839 $809 Two @ 833 x 3583px (Width by Height) TARGETED Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine is a recognized industry publication with trusted content and an established readership. REACH Reach CEOs, Presidents, Directors, Purchasing Agents and Senior Management that spend hundreds of millions annually. 5,350 Print and online versions of Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine reach 5,350+ readers per issue with multiple ways to be seen. GIF ANIMATION UPGRADE Once you have purchased a print or digital advertisement, the GIF Animation Upgrade will allow your image or text to animate in the Digital Edition of the magazine. SUBMITTING FILES You can either submit: 1. An upload-ready GIF 2. 3 Designed Images to be converted into the frames of the GIF 3. Or, we can create the 3 images to be converted into a GIF NOTE FOR PRINT AD ANIMATION UPGRADE: We can use the same artwork placed in the printed edition as one of your 3 frames, or if you want, feel free to send something different. However, your GIF must be the same ad specs as your original print ad. LENGTH LOOP FRAMES TYPE 10 Seconds or less to maintain maximum exposure Set Loop as Forever to ensure the GIF continues to cycle Maximum 3 Frames for the most exposure Larger Text & Fewer Words to increase legibility ADDITIONAL FEE PER ISSUE: $400 * Link your magazine advertisement to your website. The advertising link is clickable from the online copy and connects viewers to your company's website. (Only available if a display ad was purchased in the printed version of the magazine.) Click here to see past issues that reached thousands of viewers! VIEW PAST ISSUES

6 | OKLAHOMA TRUCKING ASSOCIAT ION WHY ADVERTISING IN PRINTED PUBLICATIONS MATTER We are surrounded by digital media, and while online content is widely accessible today, too much can lead to “information overload” and general reader disengagement. Advertising in a printed publication is a strategic investment, and if you are looking to get your products and services in front of the right readers, trust the facts. Placing an ad in a printed publication is the way to go. Consumers find print ads to be more trustworthy, and in a study conducted by MarketingSherpa, 82% of respondents said they trust print ads when making important purchasing decisions. Print ads drive consumer action. Association members view their printed publications as valued resources—and printed advertisements as credible. In a global research study conducted by Two Sides, 58% of participants said they don’t trust the majority of the ads they view online, and many reported they try to avoid online advertisements entirely. Q. IN GENERAL, WHICH TYPE OF ADVERTISING CHANNELS DO YOU TRUST MORE WHEN YOU WANT TO MAKE A PURCHASE DECISION? Print ads (Newspaper) 82% Radio ads 71% Video ads that appear prior to an online video 47% Online banner ads 39% TV ads 80% Ads in outdoor and public places (like billboards, transit ads, posters, etc.) 69% Sponsored posts on blogs that I read 43% Mobile phone ads 39% Ads/catalogs I receive in the mail 76% Search engine ads (Google,Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) 61% Ads embedded in social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 43% Ads in podcasts 37% Online pop-ups 25% Source: MarketingSherpa % of respondents who selected each option

2023 MEDIA KI T | 7 With printed ads, you have more flexibility. Choosing to place an ad in your association’s magazine or directory connects you with thousands of like-minded industry professionals, and provides you with targeted exposure to the right individuals every time. Attribute Definition Physical Digital Attention A customer’s focused attention for a sustained period of time on key components of the ad X ReviewTime The amount of time a customer spends with an ad X Engagement the amount of information the customer processes or absorbs from an ad X X Stimulation An emotional reaction to an ad X Memory Retrieval Accuracy Accurately remembering the advertising source and content X X Memory Speed & Confidence Quickly and confidently remember advertising source and content X Purchase &Willingness to Pay Whether and how much the customer is willing to pay for a product X X Desirability A subconscious desire for the product or service X Valuation The subconscious value a participant places on the product or service X OUTCOMES BY MEDIA TYPE SUMMARY Source: OIG analysis of study results. Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree or Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% I don’t pay attention to most advertisements online I can’t remember the last time I clicked an online advertisement I do my best to block or avoid online advertisements I find online advertisements annoying and usually not relevant I do not trust many of the advertisements I see online I would be more likely to take an action after seeing an advertisement in a printed newspaper or magazine than I would if I saw the same advertisement online I pay more attention to messages and advertisements on printed leaflets and mail than messages and advertisements delivered through emails Source: Two Sides There’s also a psychological aspect to printed ads. In research commissioned by the Postal Service Office of Inspector General, consumers were found to process digital ads more quickly, but they were more engaged with print ads. And, over time, research participants showed a greater recall rate for printed ads. Readers of printed publications tend to be more engaged, and increased engagement leads to sales! 75% prefer to read printed magazines over digital options. 65% believe they gain a deeper understanding of the story when they read from print media. 52% agreed that they spend too much time on electronic devices. 46% indicated that they would be more likely to take action after seeing an advertisement in a printed magazine than they would if they saw the same ad online. 80% of all respondents read a printed magazine at least once a month.

8 | OKLAHOMA TRUCKING ASSOCIAT ION Published four times per year, Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine is a one-stop shop for all trucking industry news written for professionals in the field. As a recognized industry publication with established readership and trusted content, it makes a targeted impact. Advertise directly to your peers and get noticed. For more information, contact E&M at p. 800.572.0011 advertising@eandmsales.com OF THE OKLAHOMA MOTOR CARRIER MAGAZINE’S READERS MAKE PURCHASING DECISIONS OFTEN. OF READERS ARE OWNERS OR EXECUTIVES WITHIN THEIR COMPANIES. AND BE SEEN YOUR BRAND PROMOTE 40% of Oklahoma Motor Carrier Magazine’s readers’ businesses are carriers, and 26% are government entities that work closely with the trucking industry. 86.2% Trucks transported 86.2 percent of total manufactured tonnage in Oklahoma or 318,806 tons per day. Over 75 percent of communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods. 37% 44% 82,000 The trucking industry in Oklahoma provides over 82,000 jobs and pays $3.6 billion in wages each year. With approximately 4,500 trucking companies located in Oklahoma, more and more of whom are becoming members of the Oklahoma Trucking Association, now is the time to target your advertising budget to this specialized industry and readership. Motor Carrier MAGAZINE O K L A H O M A