Northern Virginia Building Industry Association 2021 Industry Impact Report

From the Desk of … I THINK THAT WE CAN ALL AGREE that 2021 was a year marked by uncertainty: COVID still controlled a portion of our lives, while we asked whether vaccinations made us feel safe enough to gather. We questioned whether events were indoors or outdoors … some of us signed COVID waivers … or we even contemplated mandates. There were more questions than answers. But in spite of it all, NVBIA and its members have adjusted to what could be considered the new normal. Like members of the association, NVBIA quickly pivoted to adapt to 2021 circumstances and, knowing how important networking is to the value of members’ membership dollars, NVBIA held nearly 100 percent of events that were previously scheduled over a full year to a May to December 2021 schedule. 2022 will hold surprises, with another COVID variant making the rounds at press time, but with two years behind us, I’m cautiously optimistic that 2022 will bring us closer to what we might consider a more normal schedule. While some of the new processes, such as working from home and electronic meetings, have oftentimes made our work days more streamlined, there is nothing like seeing and speaking with colleagues and friends in person, whether at work in the office, the field, or at an industryrelated event, and it’s something I really hope we can count on in this new year. So, it is with a positive outlook that I will look at our plans for 2022, and we need your support—from membership to events to advocacy—whether it be by sponsorships, attendance, or weighing in on housing issues impacting our industry. Best of all, our new Chief Executive Officer Debbie Rosenstein is here to help you every step of the way. A long-time member and past president of the association, Debbie’s passion for the industry and NVBIA is boundless. She has worn both the Associate member and Builder member hats over the past 30+ years, giving her a unique perspective into the hearts and minds of all of our members. And, having worked as vice president of events and business development at the association for the past two years, Debbie understands processes and what members want. She is also the first woman to lead NVBIA in our long history; it’s long overdue, and I expect we will see more women in leadership in the future. Personally, I have big shoes to fill as NVBIA 2021 President Soledad Portilla leaves office in December. Soledad welcomed every Chapter, Council, and Committee by meeting with them during the initial months of 2021. I intend to do the same. Many of NVBIA’s meetings were held online via Zoom in 2021; in 2022, at the appropriate time, we will endeavor to have hybrid meetings inviting people into our offices while allowing those who cannot make it to the meeting be a virtual participant. I will, of course, strive to continue the good works that both Gene Frogale (2020 NVBIA President) and Soledad Portilla have begun with a workforce development program. It is so important in shaping how builders will grow and thrive in future years, and there is enormous need for a trained labor force in the coming years—the talk of a trained labor shortage today is not to be ignored! Within a trained workforce, both diversity and inclusion will be important components to our long-term success, as well. I look forward to meeting you, advocating for our industry, and creating an association second to none in Virginia. I will always be available to speak to your issues, and I thank you in advance for your support during 2022. JASON CRISMON NVBIA 2022 President JASON CRISMON NVBIA 2022 PRESIDENT Advocacy. Networking. Education. Philanthropy. | 5