Northern Virginia Building Industry Association 2021 Industry Impact Report

At 230 members strong,Women in the Building Industry (WBI) has grown to be one of NVBIA’s largest and most active committees since its founding in 2015. And in 2021, members took note of their size by focusing attention on the creation of bylaws, in par ticular focusing on formalizing their leadership succession and term limits.With Melissa Farrar leading the charge, members ultimately developed formal procedures for naming a president: A candidate must have first served as a member and a chair of a WBI committee before leading the group at large, and terms would be extended to two years. Similar procedures were developed for the chairs of WBI’s three committees: education/events, public relations, and community service. The group also reviewed WBI’s vision and committee goals, with a vote and approval by NVBIA and WBI in December 2021. Early on in the year,WBI recommitted to building new relationships and forging deeper connections within its community, asking all members to ask themselves three questions: 1.What do I want to achieve? 2.What steps will I take to get there? 3. How can I help others in WBI? And with that in mind, a year of activities and business-building effor ts launched. In March,WBI gathered for a vir tual conference, “NewYear, New Thoughts,” with Kari Anne Munstead, photographer, speaker, and coach. She discussed the impor tance of asking yourself how you want to feel in 2021, rather than focusing solely on what you want to accomplish. “Write down all words that come to you … like present, confident, courageous, energetic, hopeful, powerful,” she urged. “Hang that piece of paper with the words describing how you want to feel in 2021 somewhere where you’ll see it multiple times each day; read them aloud, every day. 2020 was a difficult year, and things will not change overnight in 2021. But with a different mindset, we can create an even better year and an even better version of ourselves.” In April,WBI Community Service volunteers turned out to help Fairfax ReLeaf, a nonprofit that works with volunteers to help conserve and restore urban forests in Nor thern Virginia. Together, they removed approximately 200 cubic feet of invasive species, planted 20 new seedlings, and rescued 20 young trees from being overrun by invasives! In November,WBI gathered for an in-person breakfast event at First Excel Title, headlined by a “ ‘Shape’Your Leadership Future” seminar with Debbie Boyce. Women in the Building Industry 2021WBI President: Melissa Farrar 2021WBI Education and Events Chair:Tricia Neale Advocacy. Networking. Education. Philanthropy. | 31