Northern Virginia Building Industry Association 2021 Industry Impact Report

Councils/Committees It was Chair Carol O’Connell’s first year at the helm of the Real Estate Finance Committee, but she hit the ground running by planning with members an Economic Seminar on Zoom in April to talk about trends and the impact of inflation following the worst of the pandemic at its center. Panelists included Doug Duncan, chief economic officer for Fannie Mae; Jeannette Chapman, director of the Schar School of Policy and Government, Stephen S. Fuller Institute; and Larry Baer, chief analyst at MarketAler t. All provided in-depth and fascinating perspectives on the economic outlook of 2021, interest rates, bubble versus boom for the housing market, and lumber shor tages and the supply chain. The last seminar of the year was the Real Estate Finance Committee’s 2021Wrap-up and 2022 Look Forward.The event was held vir tually on December 15, 2021, and featured three dynamic speakers: John McManus, Founder and President,The Builders Daily; Mark Vitner, Managing Director and Senior Economist,Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking; and Ben Sage, Senior Regional Director, Zonda.The conference focused on national and regional trends and statistics, local market trends, and how the industry will likely fare in the coming year. Real Estate Finance Committee members will meet on the second Tuesday of every month; for more information or to join, please contact Carol O’Connell at or 703.738.0936. Real Estate Finance 2021 Chair: Carol O’Connell When it became clear that the impact of COVID would extend well beyond weeks and months—and then continued affecting in-person gatherings into a second year—the Membership and Retention Committee knew that its focus in 2021 would need to square solely on getting people back out into the field and networking.They also focused attention on bringing back members who had lapsed in 2020, reminding them that NVBIA was doing more in-person events and working even harder to help make connections and friendships for both Home Builders and Associate members. Perhaps most impor tantly, the committee worked to remind members and prospective members of NVBIA’s role in advocating to keep construction considered an essential business during the pandemic, ensuring that both builders and associates alike didn’t lose their businesses! Also recognizing that getting new members invested quickly is an impor tant aspect of long-term retention, committee members worked hard to spend more time with new members, helping them feel welcomed by having another Associate meet them at events and introduce them to different contacts beneficial to their businesses. New Member Recruitment and Membership Retention Committee members regularly meet on the first Tuesday of every month from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.; for more information or to join, please contact Mary Pociask at Member Services 2021 Chair: Jessica Francis The Associates Committee, made up of member companies that provide suppor ting services and products to the home building industry, was established to “take an active role in enhancing NVBIA goals and focus on bringing membership together by creating an environment where both builders and associates benefit from par tnership.” They achieve their mission a variety of ways, with one of their most visible effor ts serving as volunteers at NVBIA events throughout the year, helping set up, register and check in guests, serve and bar tend, and clean up after the last member and guest leave. It’s a huge under taking at every event that exponentially expands NVBIA’s small staff, saves member dues by not having to hire on-site staff, and gives Builder and Associate members a lot of impor tant facetime! Additionally, the committee is actively involved with the Membership Committee, working to recruit and retain new members. Looking forward, the Committee is exploring a par tnership with the developing Ambassador’s Program, which allows members the unique oppor tunity to serve as representatives of the association, promote NVBIA events and benefits, and work with fellow members to help grow NVBIA. The Committee is similarly committed to improving the impor tance and value to the Associate Members through a 2022 survey, from which they hope to better understand value gained from events and networking, how to improve Committee meetings, and ideas on future Committee priorities. The Associates Committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. at the NVBIA office and/or virtually. For more information or to join, please contact Jana Gilbert at 703.670.0985, ext.1142, or at Associates Committee 2021 Chair: Jana Gilbert 30 | The Nor thern Virginia Building Industry Association 2021 Industry Impact Repor t