Northern Virginia Building Industry Association 2021 Industry Impact Report

NVBIA Chapter Updates The Loudoun County chapter continued to power through the pandemic, with small group meetings with key County staff members Alan Brewer, Anita Tierney, and Valmarie Turner on the four th Thursday of each month.The group focused on a wide range of topics throughout the year, with a top priority focusing on the zoning ordinance rewrite.The NVBIA Loudoun chapter formed a subcommittee to track the issue, with members commenting on draft parking regulations and paying close attention to the upcoming Zoning Ordinance Review Schedule to ensure active engagement throughout the process. Following the Resolution of Intent to Amend in October 2021, upcoming dates to watch include: • General Public Open House (Early 2022) • First Draft Text Changes (Early 2022) • Round 3 Input (90-day public referral) (Early-Mid 2022) • Planning Commission (Mid 2022) • Board of Supervisors (Late 2022) Chapter members also followed and engaged on other Zoning Ordinance Amendments (ZOAM), including ZOAM-2020-0002: Subdivision Regulations, ZOAM-2018-0001: Shor t-term Residential Rentals, and the Telecommunication SPEX Fee Exemption. Third, members regularly repor ted Airpor t Noise Contour Overlay District updates (see Figure 1), with key actions taken including: • At the May 19, 2021 meeting, the Transpor tation and Land Use Committee (TLUC) approved the following motions, which will be forwarded to the full Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for a final vote: o Adopt the new contours with the exception of the area west of Arcola Mills Drive that is within the mixed-use place type (Motion passed 3 to 2: I opposed motion). o Recommend that existing homes that are moved into the new 2019 65 Ldn projected contour would be grandfathered and would not require disclosure or noise attenuations and performance standards would not be applied retroactively to existing homes (motion passed unanimously). o Ensure developments such as Brambleton that are mapped into the loudest contour can develop pursuant to their approval (motion passed unanimously). o U pdate CPAM and Zoning Ordinance concurrently with the provision that allows staff to have a latitude to schedule the zoning rewrite as needed with the aspirational goal of completing both CPAM and Zoning Ordinance update at the same time (motion passed unanimously). o Remove the one-mile buffer outside of the 60-65 Ldn contour (motion passed 3 to 2: I opposed motion). In addition to these three issues, Loudoun Chapter members continued to follow, comment on, and provide updates on a variety of other impor tant issues affecting the industry, including: • Deeds and Plat Plan Review (DAPPR) • LoudounWater • VDOT/Depar tment of Transpor tation and Capital Infrastructure • Business Development Assistance Group (BDAG) • Facilities Standards Manual (FSM) Committee • Environmental updates • Fiscal Impact Committee Outside of County-specific business, members are working to socialize the results of the NAHB Housing Study. Members all enjoyed a Fall Chapter Social in October at the Lenah Mill Clubhouse. To become more involved with the Loudoun County Chapter, please contact 2022 Chapter President Jessica Mata, Van Metre Homes, at 703.348.5825 or at LOUDOUN COUNTY BUSINESS MEETING Fourth Thursday of the month at 8:00 am Virtual meetings until further notice Meeting times and locations subject to change, check NVBIA’s online calendar of events at 2021 Chapter President Rich Brittingham 24 | The Nor thern Virginia Building Industry Association 2021 Industry Impact Repor t