National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) Membership Directory 2022

8 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORTATION LEAGUE Size of Company Representatives (Gross Sales) Annual Dues Allowed Less than $1 million $1,392 1 $1 million to $10 million $1,876 2 $10 million to $50 million $2,541 3 $50 million to $100 million $3,146 4 $100 million to $150 million $3,812 5 $150 million to $350 million $4,417 6 $350 million to $750 million $5,687 8 $750 million to $1.5 billion $6,958 10 $1.5 billion to $5 billion $8,168 12 $5 billion to $10 billion $10,104 14 $10 billion to $20 billion $13,855 16 More than $20 billion $17,667 18 Size of Company Representatives (Annual Budget) Annual Dues Allowed Up to $500,000 $1,876 2 $500,000 and above $3,146 4 Dues & Fees Category COMPANY MEMBERS Company members of the National Industrial Transportation League include corporations, firms, sole proprietorships, or their agents engaged in the business of shipping, receiving, transporting or facilitating the movement of freight; and commercial, trade, and transportation organizations, or any department or bureau of such organizations. Company members receive full voting privileges, discount registration for League events, participation in all League committees, and receipt of all NITL publications. SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION MEMBERS Supporting organization members of the National Industrial Transportation League include nonprofit organizations such as trade associations and other member-based groups. Affiliate Members Affiliate members are individuals who are interested in matters connected with the shipment or receipt of commodities and/ or the purchase of transportation services may qualify as League affiliates. Affiliate members are eligible to participate in all activities of the corporation, receive discount registrations, and all publications, except affiliates shall not be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or to participate in policy votes of the corporation or of committees of the corporation and will not have access to the members only section of the League’s website. Annual Fee – $545