National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) Membership Directory 2022

THE NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORTATION LEAGUE »  Gain a seat at the table on Capitol Hill, directly accessing U.S. Congress and federal agencies through NITL policy advisors and advocates »  Become part of a strong and influential group of freight transportation industry leaders »  Engage with an extensive network of peers with similar interests in the transportation sector »  Receive timely information and updates to help make informed business decisions »  Acquire knowledge that improves job performance, advances professional status, and delivers results to your business »  Through the promotion of a safe, competitive and efficient freight transportation industry, the needs of shippers and the entire economy are best met »  The League’s cooperative efforts are executed with the intent to bring about workable solutions to difficult problems which will benefit all that use freight transportation BY JOINING NITL, YOUR COMPANY WILL: WHAT WE BELIEVE THE SHIPPERS’ VOICE SINCE 1907 OUR MISSION To advance the views of shippers on freight transportation issues and enhance their professional development. Advocacy and Policy Development Education and Information Professional Networking »  Gain high visibility with federal agencies and decision makers in Washington, D.C. »  Benefit from collective representation on key issues affecting freight movements »  Receive timely and accurate information on policy and regulatory proposals »  Acquire direct access to top subject matter experts representing the industrial freight transportation sector »  Receive information and updates on important issues through a variety of channels, including our weekly newsletter, webinars, email and social media »  Access valuable member-only resources such as research, legal analysis, and industry publications »  Connect with a diverse membership including transportation and decision makers, suppliers, and intermediaries »  Engage with peers through participation in NITL committees and the annual NIT League Transportation Summit »  Raise your profile and grow your network through interaction with industry leaders