National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) Membership Directory 2022

4 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORTATION LEAGUE OUR MISSION As the nation’s premiere freight transportation association, the League’s mission is “to advance the views of shippers on freight transportation issues and enhance their professional development.” From its beginnings in 1907, when economic regulation ruled our industry, through the present, the League has been at the forefront of changes that have helped shape our nation’s commercial freight transportation system. Across modes, the League has been a proven leader in representing shippers’ interests. The League is well-positioned to engage all sectors of the industry to develop a modern, safe and efficient freight transport system, which meets our country’s commercial needs both domestically and internationally. ADVOCACY AND POLICY DEVELOPMENT The League has long been recognized as the leader in promoting sound freight policies over all transportation modes. Both domestically and internationally, the League is respected and looked to as a reliable and credible resource in understanding how new initiatives will impact the freight industry. Through its standing committees and Board of Directors, our members are the driving force in shaping freight transportation policy and advocating its responsible implementation. INFORMATION AND EDUCATION The League monitors and informs members of the latest developments relating to freight transportation so that they are able to quickly make informed business decisions. League members receive insightful and accurate information in a variety of ways, including the newsletter, the Notice, special announcements, periodic surveys, webinars with industry professionals, and members only content on League members have come to rely on these important services to provide them with timely and accurate information when they need it. NETWORKING AND EVENTS Our diverse membership includes transportation decision-makers, suppliers, and intermediaries, as well as individuals dedicated to moving commerce, both in the U.S. and abroad. As a result, the League is one of the largest professional freight transportation associations in the nation today. Membership in the League fosters peer-to-peer relationship development, enabling members to bolster their professional status and industry standing, while strengthening their knowledge base within their various professions. Members can further engage with peers through participation in NITL modal committees and through the annual NIT League Transportation Summit. “To Advance the Views of Shippers on Freight Transportation Issues and Enhance their Professional Development.” Association Information