National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) Membership Directory 2022

Collaborating with transportation and logistics experts in various disciplines. Directly engaging in policy-making on modal transportation matters before federal regulatory and legislative bodies. Focusing on ways to safely, sensibly and productively improve the movement and delivery of goods to market. THE NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORTATION LEAGUE JOIN A MODAL COMMITTEE NITL IS COMPRISED OF THREE MODAL COMMITTEES Highway Transportation | Ocean Transportation | Rail Transportation The NITL modal committees consist of logistics professionals who are tasked by their organizations to effectively manage logistics and/or supply chain strategies, while taking into account possible economic, regulatory and/or legislative changes affecting the movement of goods over the nation’s roads, waterways and via railway. Committee members stand to improve their organizations by working with other leaders in their field by: Members in good standing may join NITL modal committees. Committees meet via teleconference upon request and in person at the NIT League Transportation Summit. Interested in joining a modal committee? Contact a member of NITL staff at or 703-524-5011. 10816 Town Center Boulevard, #516 | Dunkirk, MD 20754-2708 | P: (703) 524-5011 |