National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) - InTouch Magazine, Summer 2022

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 33 potential for a sale is not missed. Spiral turns or micro market sales are what ultimately measures our success. Being able to have clear communication and flexibility relating to these cuts are key to navigating this COVID-19 landscape. What are your personal and professional goals? Being a very motivated sales professional, I would love for us to expand nationally. For over 50 years, our footprint as a company has traditionally been in the East Coast and eastern Midwest. Expanding our business to states where the competition is monopolized could be a huge win for both us and the operators in those areas. Tell us about the most memorable work experience you’ve had. Being able to see Jim Breuer perform live at the SEVA Conference was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I grew up attending trades shows, and to be able to be a part of SEVA’s future has been an honor and continues to create memories that last a lifetime. I encourage everyone in our industry to participate in their regional trade shows because of the positive impact it can make in a professional and personal way. What’s one thing you learned in the last month? I learned that I cannot play sports like I used to! After my second knee surgery this past December, I have decided it’s time to hang up my soccer cleats for good. Coaching, refereeing and light jogging are going to be my primary hobbies going forward. What advice would you offer young people starting their careers in this industry? The future holds so much opportunity for young professionals entering our industry. I know of numerous vending organizations who will see a wave of retirements soon, and the injection of youth is what will keep them going. This means that opportunities for career advancement and growth are there; we just need other young professionals to step up to the plate and take advantage of it. What’s a favorite piece of advice you’ve received that has helped you in your professional career? It’s difficult to pinpoint one thing, because learning from those who have been in the industry for decades has been key to my success. From simple introductions of key players in the industry to picking the brain of someone who has spent the last 18 years in vending, I have learned so much, which has helped me succeed. What is the value of participating in the Emerging Leaders Network (ELN)? ELN has given me the opportunity to learn from others in this industry and increase my network of professional and personal friends. Relationships are essential in our industry, and to be able to simply call up a colleague for advice or guidance is something that being a part of ELN has done for me. What’s something about you that not many people know? Besides my wife and two kids, I have three rescue dogs that are an integral part of my family. We are a family that loves dogs, and if we had the time and land, we would probably have a dozen or so rescue dogs. Up Close “At Vendors Supply, our customers are our life force, so we have made it our mission to provide the best customer service possible. Service is our number-one product.”