National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) - InTouch Magazine, Summer 2022

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 23 Operator of the Year Trolley Hospitality Companies (Scott Halloran, CEO, andMichael Calkins, Chief Sales Officer) The Operator of the Year Award is presented to a company that best exemplifies consistent advancement of the convenience services industry. Recipients are innovative and possess a willingness to expand conventional business practices. Scott Halloran and Michael Calkins merged their two companies to create Trolley Hospitality Companies, which they lead together. The person nominating the company for the award praised the team’s commitment to the industry and foresight into the future of convenience services. Halloran and Calkins told the story of how they met and saw an opportunity for even greater success if they worked together. “His skill set and my skill set have been very complementary,” Halloran said. Asked about his experience at the Virginia Military Institute, where he earned a degree in economics, Calkins said, “They focused on life values of integrity, duty, discipline, resilience, leadership and teamwork. We have been able to incorporate those values into our lives and our company.” Their company also includes a catering operation, which both say is critical to serving their customers, citing an instance where a pallet of salads once fell over on a loading dock, ruining product that was not easily replaced. “It’s tough to recover if you don’t make your own food, and food is the future of the industry.” Halloran said. Allied Member of the Year Translucent LLC (Patty Closser, CEO, and Steve Closser, Co-Founder) The Allied Member of the Year Award, presented to a nonoperator member, recognizes a company that has exhibited the highest level of integrity, dedication and leadership to the convenience services channel. Recipients provide innovative leadership, demonstrate responsiveness to the needs of the industry through education and best practices and offer products and services that help operators grow their businesses. Patty and Steve Closser have helped hundreds of convenience services operators launch micro market lines in their businesses using the latest technology to create a “brand” for each operator. “Patty and Steve, along with their team, are true partners with the companies that rely on them and are always pushing their clients to succeed,” according to the person nominating them. “They are dedicated to helping operators successfully install and open micro markets all over the world.” “We help operators bridge the gap of knowledge they may need to get into the micro market business or bridge the labor gap they may have,” Patty Closser said. Steve Closser added, “This is a neat business. We get to serve people food and make them smile. It doesn’t get better than that.” Asked about the next big industry advancement on the horizon, Steve Closser said, “We have to reimagine where we’re going to go and how to use technology to fill the labor gap.” Scott Halloran and Michael Calkins Patty and Steve Closser The NAMA Show 2022 Recap