National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) - InTouch Magazine, Summer 2022

16 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 envision how products can look in a certain space. As attendees entered Imagination Way, they first came upon “Customizable Convenience” in a display from Aramark. In one area, customers could receive fresh-made food from a small cafeterialike setting and enhance their meal with personalized side snacks and beverages from unattended coolers and shelves. The checkout process was made simple and efficient with unattended kiosks. Heading further into Imagination Way, attendees could stop at “Travel & Transit,” which showcased unique technologies including Remote Laundry Room, 365 Retail Markets’ Delivery Lockers, Nayax’s Bee Meter and Parlevel’s Hubz Smart Cooler among other products. Each technology displayed different ways for attendees to think beyond traditional vending and reimagine retail. The “Hotel & Lodging” section of Imagination Way brought together two separate industries in a unique way. Technologies on display such as Just Baked’s Smart Bistro, Canopy Point Coffee’s intelliCAFE and Swyft ’s CVS Health Vending Machine help ease the labor shortage faced in the hotel and lodging industry while also providing new opportunities for traditional vending operators. Similarly, the “Senior Living” and “Multifamily Living” sections of Imagination Way showcased new unattended opportunities in spaces where consumers live and play. In the “Senior Living” section, 365 Retail Markets showcased its new MM6 Kiosk for Dining (also available in micro market mode) and its Stockwell 2.0, a nocheckout smart technology. Automated Merchandising Systems Inc. highlighted its Book Vendor while PepsiCo Inc. showcased its SodaStream Professional. In the education session entitled, “Taking Coffee Service Outside the Office,” Nestle Coffee Partners’ Michael Schwartz told attendees, “Senior living is a great opportunity to expand business. Coffee has been a premium experience for 20 years and that will follow the aging population.” In keeping with that trend, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group showcased its NitroTap in the senior living space to demonstrate new and different convenience services applications. The display provided by Three Square Market in the “Multifamily Living” section truly encompassed a one-stop shop solution for both the operator and consumers. With scalable self-service solutions from coffee kiosks to cooler cafes and more, the opportunities for self-service retail solutions within multifamily living facilities are endless. The products, services and technologies showcased in Imagination Way addressed the changing needs of consumers and customers and provided a realistic vision of how and where operators can find business. The NAMA Show 2022 Recap