National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) - InTouch Magazine, Summer 2022

A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. America’s Favorite Chocolate Brand For Over 100 Years Our founder, Milton Hershey, had a vision to make chocolate accessible to everyone. His dedication to creating a better world continues to inspire our mission statement, or as we call it, our purpose, of making more moments of goodness. Our brands and values create a unique place in people’s hear ts and minds, differentiate our business and inspire our future growth. Snacking habits have changed. Instead of eating the traditional three meals a day, we’re snacking more throughout the day with different expectations depending on when and why we’re snacking. Sometimes it’s for a fun or indulgent treat and other times, it’s for a more functional purpose, like bridging to the next meal. That’s why we offer a broad por tfolio of snacking choices to meet a variety of snacking needs, from more indulgent treats and smaller por tions to better-for-you snacks. We are always seeking more ways to make moments with more people. For more information, please contact: 1-866-821-6312