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6 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 A Closer Look What’s Your “Why?” Carla Balakgie, President & Chief Executive Officer of NAMA In the midst of the chaos and change of the past few years, most of us have asked this question: What is the “why” of what we do? Opportunity springs from times like these. We stand at a remarkable inflection point to consider this question for the convenience services industry. And at the 2022 NAMA Show in Chicago, this premise was on full display in the form of opportunity. It’s a time to examine changing consumer demands and create improved customer experiences for both your business customers and their end users. People want a healthy, convenient, frictionless life. They want to take charge of what, when, where and how they access and consume products and services. Your customers are looking for partners that can help them elevate end-user experiences to meet these expectations. Many customers understand that convenience services is more than a profit center for their business — it’s a benefit, an amenity, a competitive advantage and with today’s labor shortages, it is a must-have. And creating these remarkable experiences where consumers live, work and play ensures that our industry remains the must-have provider. George Blankenship, who has built transformational customer experiences at Apple, Tesla and other companies, said it well in his keynote address at 2022 The NAMA Show: “What is important is not that people are buying Apple products — it’s why they are buying these products.” I was fascinated when Blankenship told stories about his weekly meetings with Steve Jobs at Apple and later with Elon Musk at Tesla. He said those meetings focused on building customer connections and loyalty. He recounted how this discovery process led to Apple stores (which many wrongly predicted would fail in two years), to the “Genius Bar” in those stores, and to a personal attention program where people could pay $99 to spend an hour with an Apple expert asking whatever they wanted. “We figured out how to charge people $99 to come in and buy stuff,” he said. “We wanted people to engage with us however they wanted to engage. It was a profound discovery and opportunity.”

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 7 A Closer Look NAMA members are positioned to drive new approaches to convenience services in these and other industries we serve. Through strategic relationships with building owners, HR professionals, health and wellness services and designers of interior and exterior spaces, we can expand use of the services we offer. Their ideas and decisions lead to new spaces and opportunities for your business in delivering the customer experience. Think about Tesla, another company where Blankenship worked. Even though electric vehicles are amazing products and the wave of the future, Blankenship explained that Tesla is not disruptive because of the car — it is disruptive because of the customer experience. He added, “Engage with customers how they want to engage. When you do something unexpected, that’s when you get their attention. And you can’t always look at the business plan.” Imagination Way was just the start of the journey. See the article, “We’re Back!” on page 14 of this issue about The NAMA Show 2022 and the launch of Imagination Way to learn more about this inspiring concept. And I encourage all of you to continue imagining the possibilities and making them your own as you charge forward into this exciting year. a variety of companies. They make purchasing decisions that align with their values, including sustainability. They expect a fast and frictionless transaction, available when and where they want it. If it can be customized to their needs and offer a new, unexpected benefit, that’s a big plus. The new Imagination Way feature at The NAMA Show explored opportunities offered by the latest technologies in the context of customer experiences. These were demonstrated across a range of end-consumer environments including travel and transit centers, hotels, multiunit housing, campus and senior living spaces. Attendees had the chance to visualize how to transform their service portfolio to deliver upgraded workplace experiences, or to entirely new customer environments. And to interact with some of the owners of those spaces who came to see what we have to offer. “We need to think about what could be possible. Innovation and disruption. Doing things others can’t do or won’t do. Thinking about things differently. Seizing the moment.” — George Blankenship Customers connected with the Apple brand experience, and George marveled at how “people would dress up like an iPhone and wait in line to buy the latest and greatest model — it’s kind of crazy.” Will consumers mimic vending machines? Not likely. But in some moments of their lives, your unattended retail outlets and amenities are just as essential as those iPhones. Now this industry needs to leverage those essential moments — to take what it has mastered and make it do more, engaging current and prospective customers in new experiences. As George put it, “We need to think about what could be possible. Innovation and disruption. Doing things others can’t do or won’t do. Thinking about things differently. Seizing the moment.” This industry is ready to reimagine convenience services — adapting offerings and services to new consumer behaviors driven by the circumstances and places that are bringing people out and about. What do we know about today’s consumers? They want a broad assortment of products from

8 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 News & Views I am extremely honored to begin my year serving as the Chair of NAMA. Many people helped me get here, and I am very thankful to all of them. Some of my best role models are the dedicated employees at my company, Refreshment Solutions. We have excellent people who have been with me from the founding of the company — who have a commitment to hard work, showing up every day and refusing to fail. They are committed to the organization and our mission. I got involved with NAMA 20 years ago, primarily because of two individuals — Alan Plaisted, a big advocate of the work NAMA does on behalf of the industry, and Dan Mathews, former NAMA EVP & COO. From my perspective, Mathews was a true visionary for our industry. He had a long line of sight and was extremely gifted as a leader, but more importantly, was committed to doing the right thing. So, when he facilitated my involvement with NAMA, I jumped at the opportunity. As I begin my term as Chair, my goals for NAMA remain unchanged from when I got involved all those years ago. NAMA has a unique opportunity to drive impactful change in convenience services. Though the landscape continues to evolve, this is still a small, closely held industry. It is owned, operated and driven by small, family run operations. My goal for NAMA is to guide them in breaking down barriers, help them gain some of the advantages that larger organizations get with scale and, most importantly, bring meaningful outcomes to the industry. I have believed from my very first day of engagement with NAMA that the most appropriate platform to do that is advocacy. Many people define advocacy as government affairs. And certainly, that is a significant component of advocacy for any trade association, but it goes far beyond that. The Advocacy Opportunity Marcus Whitener, NAMA Chair and CEO, Refreshment Solutions LLC In recent months, NAMA has developed a transformational advocacy agenda that reimagines what new opportunities look like for our industry, our customers and our consumers.

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 9 In recent months, NAMA has developed a transformational advocacy agenda that reimagines what new opportunities look like for our industry, our customers and our consumers. For example, convenience services are an integral part of a healthy workplace that provides important benefits to employees. What if our customers received tax credits or grants for expanding access to unattended retail in the workplace, especially in underserved areas? What if health insurance providers offered preferred, discounted premiums to employers that provide better-for-you products in the workplace, driven by the NAMA Public Health Commitment for vending, pantry services and other industry service offerings? Our industry is continually investing in energy-efficient equipment and vehicles. What government programs can we access to provide funding and tax credits for these socially beneficial investments? How can we work with the education sector to create training and career paths for individuals who want to grow and succeed in our industry? These are just some of the ideas and opportunities NAMA is exploring that have the potential to deliver tangible, positive outcomes. Will they all come to fruition? Maybe not. But those that do will be significant wins for our industry and customers and will only take root if we push for them. So, it’s a new day and time to think big. Advocacy will also help define how technology continues to open new opportunities to serve customers. As a society, we tend to look at technology as something that changes the world, and there is some validity to that. But really, it’s the application of technology that makes a difference. My hope and belief are that new partners and technology will generate fresh approaches in our industry as a way to support ongoing processes and initiatives that move us forward. Seed capital from suppliers, government programs and other sources, coupled with our creative application of technology, can create a self-sustaining flywheel of innovation. Earlier, I mentioned the opportunity in energy efficiency and sustainability. It’s easy to look at new environmental mandates and view them only as threats. But it’s the world we live in, and there is only so much we can do as an industry to influence them. So, let’s flip this into an opportunity. We want to become part of the narrative on the positive side of sustainability. With potential subsidies for new equipment and continued advancements in technology, we can not only address the hydrocarbon issue but also enhance consumer engagement and the opportunities we have to deliver product to consumers. That’s the type of creative thinking we need. Ten years from now, our equipment base is going to look a lot different than it does today. Consumer engagement and consumer demand are going to drive that. If we can generate the resources to accelerate that timeline and build the right platforms, our industry has the potential to gain the competitive advantage over our competitors in all areas of foodservice. It’s a lofty task, but one I think that NAMA and the industry can achieve. News & Views

10 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 Leaders and Board Members NAMA Members elected new officers and members of the 2022-2023 NAMA Board of Directors at the NAMA Annual General Membership Meeting on June 13, 2022. New Officers New Board Members New Board Members Cont’d “This remarkable slate of board members is poised to lead NAMA during a transformational period that will see our industry capitalize on many new opportunities,” said NAMA President & CEO Carla Balakgie, FASAE, CAE. “We thank all of them for stepping forward into these important leadership roles.” NAMA Members Elect New Officers and Board Members Chair Marc Whitener CEO, Refreshment Solutions LLC Patrick Liebler President of Refreshment Services, Aramark John Hickey Co-Founder, Tech 2 Success LLC Chair-Elect Lance Whorton President, Imperial Sean Feeney CEO, Cantaloupe, Inc. Vice Chair Patrick Hatcher President & COO, Vistar Richard Kennedy CEO, Five Star Food Service Secretary/Treasurer Rick Brindle Vice President Industry Development, Mondelēz International, Inc. Linda Saldana CEO, Seventh Wave Refreshments Past Chair Joe Hessling CEO, 365 Retail Markets Husein Kitabwalla CEO of Food Transformation, Sodexo

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NAMA has announced a slate of four expert-led sessions to help define the policy agenda for its 2022 Fly-In & Advocacy Summit July 18-19 in Washington, D.C. Fly-In & Advocacy Summit NAMA to Address Critical Industry Issues at 2022 NAMA Fly-In & Advocacy Summit

Header Here Back to the Workplace As policymakers look to lure workers back to work in downtown and business-center office buildings, a panel of experts will discuss how the convenience services industry can help — and the NAMA policy initiatives to make it happen. Eliminating Food Deserts Leaders at all levels of government, in urban and rural areas alike, are searching for solutions to the growing problem of food insecurity. A panel of experts will explore an emerging national strategy to eliminate food deserts and how NAMA is positioning the convenience services industry’s “last foot” distribution network to play a role. Keeping it Cool NAMA has long been on the front lines in the phaseout of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, pushing for a workable timeframe and to ensure a viable and sustainable alternative, such as R-290. This session will explore the Biden administration’s energy efficiency goals and offer expert insight on the status of the NAMA Foundation’s Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratories and discuss NAMA’s constructive solution to help operators upgrade equipment. Infrastructure Spending Incentives The $1.8 trillion infrastructure spending package passed by Congress last summer includes financial incentives that convenience services operators can potentially access. “When convenience services operators come to the nation’s capital each year for this event, they make a difference,” says NAMA Senior Director of External Affairs Mike Goscinski. “This year, we are promoting legislation to equip and enable operators.” NAMA will promote several legislative items during the 2022 Fly-In & Advocacy Summit, including: • E nabling the acceptance of federal Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP/WIC). • P roviding financial offsets for purchase of equipment using R-290 refrigerants. • A doption of the PARTS Act to deter catalytic converter theft. • R einstatement of 2021 Q4 access to the Employee Retention Tax Credit. The 2022 event will feature special guest speaker A.B. Stoddard, an associate editor and columnist with the political news site and polling data aggregator RealClearPolitics, and a contributor and guest host for SiriusXM’s POTUS channel. The NAMA Fly-In & Advocacy Summit will be held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., with transportation provided to Capitol Hill for visits with members of Congress. NAMA members can attend at no charge. Registration is $25 for nonmembers. For more information and to register, visit A.B. Stoddard is the special guest speaker at the NAMA Fly-In & Advocacy Summit. Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 13 NAMA Fly-In & Advocacy Summit

14 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 The NAMA Show Recap featured products, technology, services and insight in the vending, micro market and coffee service industry. Imagine New Possibilities This year, The NAMA Show introduced Imagination Way, a 9,000-squarefoot interactive gallery of prototype environments, including senior living, multifamily living, hotel and lodging, and travel and transit that demonstrate how On Wednesday, April 6, NAMA President and CEO Carla Balakgie, FASAE, CAE, kicked off the opening general session of The NAMA Show 2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago with two words every industry member wanted to hear: “We’re back!” “We’re back to it and we’re ready,” she told attendees. “We are ready to embrace new technologies, ready to make sense of the evolving consumer, ready to adapt our offerings and services to new consumer behaviors to the very circumstances and places that are bringing people out and about. We are ready to reimagine convenience services.” “The fact that we are here today is a minor miracle,” said NAMA Chair Joe Hessling, founder and CEO of 365 Retail Markets. “This industry, so dependent on foot traffic in public spaces, especially in office environments, has been able to not just survive, but to thrive in one of the most challenging periods of our lifetime. It is a good news story. “You have stepped up to the challenge by focusing on areas like a more profitable client offering and mix, becoming more efficient and increasing automation and reinventing your businesses. Many operators and businesses in our industry are already at revenue levels even greater than before the pandemic.” Thousands of NAMA members and a range of other stakeholders in the convenience services industry flocked to The NAMA Show 2022, which By Adrienne Klein We’re Back! The NAMA Show 2022 showcased new technologies and opportunities across the spectrum of the convenience services industry.

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 15 The NAMA Show 2022 Recap All photos in this article taken by Joseph Rodriguez, Professional Images Photography. consumer interactions with retail and self-service are shifting. NAMA hosted representatives of these industries to help attendees reimagine self-service and frictionless retail and explain how they can position their businesses for ongoing success. Positioned at the entrance to the show floor, Imagination Way showcased a range of opportunities operators can pursue to expand business. It also encouraged attendees to

16 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 envision how products can look in a certain space. As attendees entered Imagination Way, they first came upon “Customizable Convenience” in a display from Aramark. In one area, customers could receive fresh-made food from a small cafeterialike setting and enhance their meal with personalized side snacks and beverages from unattended coolers and shelves. The checkout process was made simple and efficient with unattended kiosks. Heading further into Imagination Way, attendees could stop at “Travel & Transit,” which showcased unique technologies including Remote Laundry Room, 365 Retail Markets’ Delivery Lockers, Nayax’s Bee Meter and Parlevel’s Hubz Smart Cooler among other products. Each technology displayed different ways for attendees to think beyond traditional vending and reimagine retail. The “Hotel & Lodging” section of Imagination Way brought together two separate industries in a unique way. Technologies on display such as Just Baked’s Smart Bistro, Canopy Point Coffee’s intelliCAFE and Swyft ’s CVS Health Vending Machine help ease the labor shortage faced in the hotel and lodging industry while also providing new opportunities for traditional vending operators. Similarly, the “Senior Living” and “Multifamily Living” sections of Imagination Way showcased new unattended opportunities in spaces where consumers live and play. In the “Senior Living” section, 365 Retail Markets showcased its new MM6 Kiosk for Dining (also available in micro market mode) and its Stockwell 2.0, a nocheckout smart technology. Automated Merchandising Systems Inc. highlighted its Book Vendor while PepsiCo Inc. showcased its SodaStream Professional. In the education session entitled, “Taking Coffee Service Outside the Office,” Nestle Coffee Partners’ Michael Schwartz told attendees, “Senior living is a great opportunity to expand business. Coffee has been a premium experience for 20 years and that will follow the aging population.” In keeping with that trend, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group showcased its NitroTap in the senior living space to demonstrate new and different convenience services applications. The display provided by Three Square Market in the “Multifamily Living” section truly encompassed a one-stop shop solution for both the operator and consumers. With scalable self-service solutions from coffee kiosks to cooler cafes and more, the opportunities for self-service retail solutions within multifamily living facilities are endless. The products, services and technologies showcased in Imagination Way addressed the changing needs of consumers and customers and provided a realistic vision of how and where operators can find business. The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 17 Create the Possibilities At The NAMA Show general session, sponsored by PepsiCo, customer experience and brand loyalty legend George Blankenship delivered the keynote address. Blankenship, who helped create breakthrough customer experiences on behalf of Tesla Motors and Apple Computer, spoke with facilitator Mark Jeffries on the many opportunities operators have to engage with customers in new ways. “Engage with your customers how they want to engage,” he declared. And what does that mean? In an era where customers want to do things themselves, that bodes well for the vending, micro market and OCS industry, which at its core is self-service. “There’s so much opportunity for engagement with people in new ways,” he predicted, adding that success only comes if operators are willing to act on the opportunity. Blankenship said that operators must have the courage to try new ideas, simplify their ideas by focusing only on what ’s important, have conviction, celebrate success and failure and most importantly, take the first step.

18 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 “Look forward and ask yourself, ‘What can be possible?’” he said. Speaking about his work at Tesla, Blankenship detailed the company’s strategy of gaining brand recognition and loyal customers. The Tesla team asked, “Why are people buying this product? How do we create a longterm customer?” Blankenship challenged operators in the audience to do the same. “Take what you’ve mastered and do more,” he said. “Do what others can’t do ... or won’t do.” In a post-speech interview with Blankenship, Jeffries asked the speaker about an issue most operators face: how to find good employees. Blankenship said that comes back to the hiring and training process. “You need to get people who want to be there,” he noted. “You have to find people who complement each other and work together.” The key to success, he concluded, is to focus on the customer. “Everything is about the customer,” he said. He then asked attendees, “Who is ready to close their eyes, see the possibilities for your business and then do something big that could impact your industry forever?” Now is the Time Jeremy Gutsche, the founder and CEO of Trend Hunter, hosted a wellattended plenary session. His recent book, Create the Future + the Innovation Handbook: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking, is a New York Times bestseller. Gutsche challenged attendees to change their way of thinking in order to gain new opportunities for business. “Everyone wants innovation to happen, but most people don’t want to deviate from the path,” he observed. During times of crisis, he argued, innovation emerges. “Periods of crisis always lead to chaos and opportunity,” he said. And with that, operators must be ready to both create and seize that innovation. In his fast-paced presentation, Gutsche noted that coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, operators have immense opportunity. “This is going to be the greatest window of opportunity in your career,” he declared. “It is when your customers and locations are more interested than ever in trying something new.” He went on to emphasize, “Your clients are open to doing things in a new way. This is your time to win.” The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 19 The NAMA Show 2022 Recap Gutsche asked operators to stop and ask, “What opportunity lies so close within your grasp? Bigger role? New product? New service idea?” He encouraged all operators to continue to “change your thinking ... Change the perspective.” Learning and Growing The NAMA Show 2022 offered a plethora of diverse education sessions for attendees — from lessons on supplier relations to the current labor shortages, there was education for everyone. Sponsored by the NAMA Emerging Leaders Network, the session, “What We Do Well, and What it ’s Worth,” dove into why operators need to distinguish themselves from other competing services and how to articulate the value of their service to clients. During the session, speaker Geoff Wilcox, Director of Retail Execution at Five Star Food Service, teased, “Working in sweatpants is one of our biggest competitors right now ... working from home.” Speaker Nick Maroules, Director of Sales at Royal Cup Coffee & Tea agreed, but noted, “We can entice

20 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 people back to the office with what we offer. They want a drink they can’t make at their house.” Preventing Cyberattacks Down the hall in another packed room at the session, “Technologies Trending in Convenience Services,” panelist John Hickey, co-founder of Tech 2 Success, opened attendees’ eyes to the reality of cyberattacks and the importance of protecting your business. “Seventy-five percent of Cyberattacks target small businesses,” he warned. “Why? You have valuable information. Hackers want to ransom your data.” Hickey recommended that companies begin preventing cybercrime immediately with these steps: 1. Get on professional email and implement external tags on email. 2. I mplement web security on your domain name server. 3. I mplement antivirus and endpoint protection. 4. E liminate unnecessary software and operating systems. 5. Upgrade and patch older programs. 6. Backup, backup, backup. 7. U tilize secure cellular connection with private IP addresses. Cybersecurity was a trend in several sessions. In the session, “Lessons from a Lawyer,” attorneys Molly Arranz and Heather Bailey discussed how vending operations can and do experience cyberattacks and emphasized the importance of multifactor authentication as part of every business’ security system. New Consumer Opportunities Capitalizing on consumer trends in the evolving unattended retail space was a consistent theme throughout The NAMA Show, so it was very fitting to have an education session focused on just that topic. In a fireside chat entitled, “The Birdseye View of Changing Consumer Environments,” experts spoke about the rise in unattended retail and how it will likely look in different segments. Neal Patel, Vice Chair of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, brought up the challenges that labor shortages have caused for the hotel industry. Due to this challenge, he began working with an operator to use vending to fill that gap. “Technology is important for us in the hotel industry,” Patel said. “When we have a vending machine that can accept contactless payments, that ’s huge. But we need a seamless transaction. We want [customers] to use the vending machine because it lessens our labor costs.” Panelist Sharon Peyer, Vice President of Convenience Systems at CPI, agreed. “I see a number of opportunities for operators at local and national levels,” she said. “We need to learn about it and figure out how we as an industry can better optimize the experience for consumers in this automated retail environment.” She noted that unattended retail needs to be very intuitive for the consumer when they walk up and make their selections, whether it ’s a vending machine with an integrated touch screen or a controlled access machine. Panelists discussed how trust and speed are the two macro trends changing where and how consumers buy their food and beverage. Mark The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 21 Walker, Vice President of Convenience Retail at Aramark, noted that despite changing consumer trends, “People are still getting hungry and thirsty every day. My customers don’t have time and don’t want to be hungry anymore. Let ’s not overcomplicate it.” Reimagining Retail On Thursday morning, attendees were treated to “Retail Reimagined: An Interview with Experts” where industry experts discussed changing trends in retail. Neil Thompson, Vice President of Digital at HMSHost discussed the change toward a more frictionless consumer experience in dining, stating that in this post-COVID era, “We need to have self-checkout, self-order and QR codes on the tables [for customers].” Robert Gebhardt, Vice President, Experience Services Lead — Americas at Jones Lang LaSalle, noted that the pandemic changed the way consumers shop, therefore businesses need to rethink how they sell to a consumer. “When the pandemic hit, we were all forced to do the same thing: Pack your bags and go home. I think there was an instantaneous fear that the office environment is dead, that it ’s never going to return, but that is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth,” he said. “But this change requires us to think differently. “We need to follow that employee along on their journey while they are at home, while they are on their way into the office, while they are in the office and as they plan to leave the office. We need to think about all the opportunities that we have to engage with them.” The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

22 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 NAMA Chair Joe Hessling and NAMA President and CEO Carla Balakgie presented the 2022 Industry Awards at the opening general session of The NAMA Show 2022. Industry Person of the Year Mike Brown, President, PGI Services The Industry Person of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has consistently exemplified the highest standards of professional excellence and achieved business success throughout their career in the convenience services industry. Recipients have been an inspiration and thought leader to others throughout their career. Mike Brown has worked in the convenience services industry for more than 35 years, leading sales and marketing efforts for PGI Services. “Mike has shown he can lead a team and continue to excel as an industry leader both within PGI Services and the convenience services industry,” according to the person nominating him. “He was an early adopter of micro markets and continues to push the boundaries when it comes to delivering new services to consumers. He is a big believer in the power of technology to run a consumercentric, operationally efficient business.” As an early adopter of micro markets in 2010, Brown talked onstage about how he saw the sector as “a game changer. It was the direction the industry was going to go, and it helped us service customers much easier, expanded our product offerings and created a better customer experience.” Asked about his experience in mentoring, Brown said, “I was mentored along the way. I’ve been involved with NAMA for over 35 years, so a lot of people have helped me along the way. This industry is full of creative, smart, intellectual people. It has been fantastic to be engaged with so many different folks over the years and expand and share ideas.” NAMA Industry Awards Mike Brown accepts the 2022 Industry Person of the Year Award from Joe Hessling and Carla Balakgie. The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 23 Operator of the Year Trolley Hospitality Companies (Scott Halloran, CEO, andMichael Calkins, Chief Sales Officer) The Operator of the Year Award is presented to a company that best exemplifies consistent advancement of the convenience services industry. Recipients are innovative and possess a willingness to expand conventional business practices. Scott Halloran and Michael Calkins merged their two companies to create Trolley Hospitality Companies, which they lead together. The person nominating the company for the award praised the team’s commitment to the industry and foresight into the future of convenience services. Halloran and Calkins told the story of how they met and saw an opportunity for even greater success if they worked together. “His skill set and my skill set have been very complementary,” Halloran said. Asked about his experience at the Virginia Military Institute, where he earned a degree in economics, Calkins said, “They focused on life values of integrity, duty, discipline, resilience, leadership and teamwork. We have been able to incorporate those values into our lives and our company.” Their company also includes a catering operation, which both say is critical to serving their customers, citing an instance where a pallet of salads once fell over on a loading dock, ruining product that was not easily replaced. “It’s tough to recover if you don’t make your own food, and food is the future of the industry.” Halloran said. Allied Member of the Year Translucent LLC (Patty Closser, CEO, and Steve Closser, Co-Founder) The Allied Member of the Year Award, presented to a nonoperator member, recognizes a company that has exhibited the highest level of integrity, dedication and leadership to the convenience services channel. Recipients provide innovative leadership, demonstrate responsiveness to the needs of the industry through education and best practices and offer products and services that help operators grow their businesses. Patty and Steve Closser have helped hundreds of convenience services operators launch micro market lines in their businesses using the latest technology to create a “brand” for each operator. “Patty and Steve, along with their team, are true partners with the companies that rely on them and are always pushing their clients to succeed,” according to the person nominating them. “They are dedicated to helping operators successfully install and open micro markets all over the world.” “We help operators bridge the gap of knowledge they may need to get into the micro market business or bridge the labor gap they may have,” Patty Closser said. Steve Closser added, “This is a neat business. We get to serve people food and make them smile. It doesn’t get better than that.” Asked about the next big industry advancement on the horizon, Steve Closser said, “We have to reimagine where we’re going to go and how to use technology to fill the labor gap.” Scott Halloran and Michael Calkins Patty and Steve Closser The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

24 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 Better For You Skinny Pop The Hershey Company • G ood source of fiber with zero trans fat. • N on-GMO, gluten free, no artificial ingredients. • Dairy free, peanut and tree nut free. Candy, Gum&Mints Dried Organic Mango & Pineapple Pieces Solely Clean Foods • O ur organic dried fruit is perfect when plain, decadent when drizzled and spectacular when spicy. Chips, Salty &Meat Snacks Spicy Salami With Aged Cheddar Campofrio Food Group • S picy salami, aged cheddar and peppery flavor. Pringles Scorchin’ Barbecue Kellogg’s • A snacking experience with the perfect balance between heat and flavor. • Bold and extreme flavors are on trend. Coffee, Tea & Hot Beverages Immune Support + Vitamin C Twinings North America • T his blend supports a healthy immune system. • Addition of Vitamin C does not add taste. • Goodness in your cup. Cold Beverages, Milk &Water Splash Fizz Lemonade Blue Triton Brands • Zero sugars. • Naturally flavored. • Vendible 20-ounce size. Coca-Cola Starlight & Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Starlight The Coca-Cola Company • T he first limited edition sparkling beverage from Coca-Cola creations. • E xperience a subtle cooling sensation as you enjoy the reddish starlight beverage with a new, but familiar, great Coca-Cola taste. Cookies, Crackers, Baked & Breakfast Items Birthday Cake Famous Fortune Cookies VanWyk Confections • U plifting, inspiring message inside each cookie. • F ully submerged in creamy white chocolate and covered in sprinkles. • I ndividually wrapped, peanut-free and only 110 calories. Entrees: Sandwich, Wrap, Burrito + Frozen & Refrigerated Items Tyson® Butcher-Wrapped Southern Style Chicken Sandwich Tyson Foods • M ade with Tyson® NAE portioned chicken breast. • B reading profile is sweet and savory, delivering notes of dill, onion and garlic. • T he soft brioche bun complements with a buttery-sweet flavor. The people of NAMA have spoken, and the winners of the annual People’s Choice Awards were announced during The NAMA Show 2022. The winning products listed below in several categories were selected by votes from The NAMA Show attendees that were cast during the show. For more information and links to product websites, visit People’s Choice Awards Announced by NAMA The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

Technology/Kiosk/Vending/ Dispensing Equipment & Services Stockwell 2.0 365 Retail Markets • 3 65 Pico integration creating anonymous tap/insert credit card and GMA payment. • C ombined refrigerated and ambient design allowing you to sell beverages/ fresh food alongside snacks and dry goods. • O ptimized equipment weight — 50% the weight of previous generation. Thanks to First-Time Exhibitors at The NAMA Show The NAMA Show in 2022 was highlighted by strong attendance and many new participants, including 50 new exhibitors. NAMA thanks the following companies for their support and participation: 72 Chocolate Actineon Automated Retail Technologies Awaken Brands Baronet Coffee, Inc. BeBOLD Bars Blupura Boyer Candy Company Inc. CAV Solutions Coldsnap Deathwish Coffee Definitive Technology Group Digital Media Vending DPL Wireless Ellison Bakery Inc. Farmer ’s Fridge Florida’s Natural Growers FloWater Get Real Foods Glow Beverages GummiShot Energy Gummies Hormel Foods inReality Invenda Group AG Kitchen Fresh Foods, Inc. Le Bread Xpress Marietta Cookies Minna Naturipe Farms Nutrabolt PCD, LLC Polycade Pop Daddy Popcorn Poppi Prebiotic Soda Primary Colors Design Corp. PROBAR Remedy International Rev Energy Gum Rise Brewing Rowdy Mermaid SECO USA Inc. SmithAmundsen Solely, Inc. Strategic Tax Planning Suckerpunch Gourmet, LLC The Nutty Gourmet The Wireless Box TouchTunes Vianet Limited Whoa Dough Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 25 The NAMA Show 2022 Recap

26 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 The event agenda, which is heavily focused on education with 15 breakout presentations planned across five sessions in two days, will be led by experts in the convenience services and adjacent industries. The Call for Speakers is open now with an Aug. 1, 2022 deadline. Access the submission form at NAMA seeks presentations that are relevant to the Coffee Tea & Water audience. Examples of topics include: • Making the workplace a destination. • Efficient route management. • Accounting for OCS and other amenities. • Preparing for technical innovations in OCS. • The essence of tea. • Servicing a hybrid workplace. In addition to the features that regular attendees of Coffee Tea & Water have come to love about this event — like an expo, education and networking to keep coffee, tea and water people perking — NAMA plans other new features this year. After the successful introduction of Imagination Way at the NAMA Show 2022 in Chicago, NAMA will present Imagination Way at Coffee Tea & Water. Focused entirely on office coffee solutions, hot beverages and office amenity services, its immersive, experiential displays will depict three environments — corporate office, industrial workplace and public spaces. Even the expo has something new for attendees and exhibitors in 2022 —more uninterrupted time on the expo floor. The expo, which is dedicated exclusively to coffee, tea and water service, will be open for six hours straight, with lunch served inside the hall and no competing events on the agenda, ensuring that it’s showtime when the hall is open. To reserve a booth, sponsor or for information about participating in Imagination Way, email For information about attending the event, visit to subscribe to email updates about the event so you can be the first to know when registration opens for the event. NAMA Opens Coffee Tea & Water Call for Speakers New Features Planned Coffee Tea &Water is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever in 2022. It will be held at the beautiful MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nov. 14-15, 2022.

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 27

Human Resources

Summer 2022 • NAMA InTouch 29 HR Column Policies should address how to evaluate when an ill employee can come to work. They should outline the operator’s response plan, which must require management to inform unaffected employees of potential outbreaks and precautions to take to reduce the risk of transmitting the illness to others — all while maintaining operations and confidentiality. Response plans should remind employees of their unpaid (or paid) sick leave to cover absences due to contagious illnesses. Plans should also provide employees a complaint procedure and indicate who to contact if they believe they are being put at risk in the workplace. Finally, a response plan should highlight the company’s non-tolerance of discrimination or harassment against those with a serious illness and/or disability, as well as against those ethnicities where a pandemic may have started. Developing these written plans shows employees that the company is thinking ahead and cares about their safety. Disabilities and Religious Accommodation Policies Prior to the pandemic, many employers did not have an accommodation process policy in their handbooks for either disabilities or religious beliefs. During this recent pandemic, disability and religious requests for As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions continue to be relaxed and employees return to workplaces, it’s time for convenience services operators to review human resources policies to ensure they are prepared for any future pandemics or health emergencies. Best HR Practices By Heather A. Bailey, Esq., SmithAmundsen LLC Coming Out of the Pandemic HR Column

30 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 accommodation played a major role in dealing with the dayto-day pandemic issues (e.g., mask mandates, vaccination mandates). Along with a solid equal employment opportunity policy and anti-discrimination and harassment policy, operators should include a reasonable accommodation process in their handbooks. Employees should be informed about what to do and what to expect if they need either a disability or religious accommodation. The policy should advise where to go to ask for such an accommodation. The policy should state what the interactive process is so the employee will understand what is expected of them during this time (i.e., working with the employee’s doctor, offering reasonable accommodations). While this is highly recommended for pandemic times, it is also a good policy to have for non-pandemic-related disability and religious accommodation requests to curb discrimination complaints. Relaxed Documentation Requirements for Form I-9s The relaxed documentation requirements allowed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) ended on April 30, 2022. Starting May 1, 2022, employers may only accept unexpired “List B” documents specified on the form as documents that establish identity. Additionally, employers that previously accepted expired List B documents between May 1, 2020 and April 30, 2022 need to review their Form I-9s to determine if any update to the I-9 is required. To prevent substantial fines during an audit, the following steps should be taken and any necessary forms updated no later than July 31, 2022: • I f an employee is still employed and the document’s expiration date was not automatically extended by the issuing authority, the employee must provide an unexpired document that establishes identity. Employees may present the renewed List B document, a different List B document, or a document from List A (documents that establish both identity and employment authorization). In the “Additional Information” field of Section 2 on Form I-9, the employer needs to enter the document title, issuing authority, number and expiration date. The company employee making the changes to the form needs to initial and date the change. • I f a List B document’s expiration date was auto-extended by the issuing authority of the document prior to its submission during the I-9 process, DHS is treating that as “unexpired when presented” and no further action is required. • I f an employee is no longer employed, no further action is required. Sick Leave for COVID-19 Absences or Vaccinations Many state and local governments implemented laws that required employers to give employees paid sick leave when taking time off to deal with COVID-19 for themselves and for family members, and even time off to obtain COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters. Some have expired, some have not, and some have been nullified. Employers should check to ensure they are following the most updated mandates and ordinances. For these and other pandemic best practices, labor and employment counsel can provide support. Heather A. Bailey, Esq., a partner with SmithAmundsen LLC and a NAMA Knowledge Source partner for over 18 years, focuses her practice on employment and labor issues for employers. NAMAmembers receive 15 minutes of complimentary human resources consultations each quarter. Contact Bailey at 312-894-3266 or A free COVID-19 Resource Center is available at that includes the latest updates on issues affecting your vending operations. HR Column

32 NAMA InTouch • Summer 2022 How did you get into the convenience services industry? My father, Keith, spent most of his career in the vending and foodservice channel for PepsiCo and Five Hour Energy. Because of this, I grew up attending trade shows and hearing about all the wonderful experiences he had, which certainly planted a seed of interest. In 2015, I left the grocery/retail channel to join the Vendors Supply team and never looked back. Give us an overview of your role and key responsibilities. As general manager, I oversee all aspects of our operations in our Georgia distribution center, from sales to route management. My key responsibilities are to ensure we fulfill the needs of our operator partners, our pricing is competitive, deliveries are accurate and they receive the best experience possible. At Vendors Supply, our customers are our life force, so we have made it our mission to provide the best customer service possible. Service is our number-one product. What skills do you use most in your career? Relationship management skills are used the most, especially in an environment where trust and service are a priority. Many of our loyal customers continue to do business with us due to the personal relationships they have built with our customer service representatives, sales team and route drivers. If it were not for these positive relationships, we would not have the success we see today. What do you believe are the biggest challenges you face in your business? I think the elephant in the room is obvious: COVID-19. With COVID-19 comes manufacturer cuts, labor shortages, as well as health and wellness concerns causing lockdowns which directly affect our business. The good news is that it has gotten better. The bad news is that we are not finished with it yet, so we continue to do the best we can in an unusual time. What are the greatest opportunities? We have seen many changes over the years in vending. I believe one of the greatest opportunities is continuing to prioritize the growth of the micro market segment. Also, understanding and learning from one of the biggest threats in our industry, Amazon, and expanding on what has worked for them is a way to ensure these large organizations do not penetrate our channel. What they have done is incredible, so we can learn from their successes in unmanned retail and make it work even better for us. How has COVID-19 impacted your life and business? The biggest impact to us, as a supplier, has been the reduced availability of product from manufacturers, but we have learned to adapt to this challenge. Working directly with operators and having very clear communication regarding alternative product options to help supplement the shorts has been a win for us. I know the difficulty it can present to an operator when they must change out a spiral on a regular basis to accommodate alternative products. However, the good news is that the Up Close HELLO I’m James Kolodziej General Manager, Vendors Supply Inc. Appalachian State University; Georgia Automatic Merchandising Council (Nonvoting Board Member); Southeastern Vending Association (SEVA) Planning Committee