Idaho AGC 2021 Membership Directory

14 IDAHO AGC BYLAWS Bylaws of the Idaho Branch, Incorporated, of the Associated General Contractors of America, Incorporated (Sometimes Using the Assumed Business Name “Idaho AGC”) Revised May 19, 2011 ARTICLE I NAME, TERMS, PURPOSES AND OFFICE SECTION 1. NAME: The name of the Corporation is Idaho Branch, Inc., The Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. SECTION 2. TERMS: As used herein, unless the context requires otherwise, the term: (a) “Chapter” means Idaho Branch, Inc., The Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. (b) “Board” means the Board of Directors of Idaho Branch, Inc., The Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. SECTION 3. PURPOSES: The purposes for which this Corporation is organized are: (a) The general purpose of this Corporation is to transact any and all lawful business for which corporations may be incorporated under the Idaho Nonprofit Corporation Act and to have and exercise all the rights and powers conferred on nonprofit corporations under the laws of the State of Idaho as it now exists or is hereafter amended. (b) The specific and primary purposes of this Corporation are: (i) making membership in the Chapter a reasonable assurance to the public of the skill, integrity and responsibility of its members; (ii) promoting the standards of the contracting business at the high level necessary to ensure that the Chapter’s members are recognized as prudent, ethical and honorable business entities; (iii) providing methods and means whereby members may avail themselves of the greater power of combined effort through the Chapter acting as an authoritative body in securing just and honorable dealings from the various entities involved in the construction industry; (iv) promoting more cordial and cooperative relations between General Contractors and those with whom they deal or have contact in construction; (v) seeking correction of injurious, discriminatory or unfair business practices by or against General Contractors; (vi) placing the business risks assumed by General Contractors as nearly as possible on a party with the risks assumed by other industries of production; (vii) promoting market for the services of the General Contractors and discouraging encroachments on that market by governmental and other agencies; (viii) keeping the Chapter, its members and others (when appropriate) abreast of modern development in construction technology practices and management; (ix) eliminating waste and reducing construction costs through cooperation with other agencies in construction; (x) eliminating as far as possible the occurrences of injury and death to construction workers; (xi) establishing various standard contracts and coordinating such contracts so that the respective interests of Owners, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Manufacturers and Dealers, may be properly protected; (xii) promoting concerted activity for the advancement of those principals which membership determines as being in the public interest for the good of the construction industry as a whole; (xiii) to keep members informed of all public policy matters affecting the construction industry and to take appropriate action with respect to such matters; and, (xiv) to do and perform all such things as may be necessary, advisable and proper for the conduct of the Chapter’s business as herein described. (c) To own, lease, exchange, or to otherwise acquire and dispose of personal and real property, necessary, incidental, auxiliary or convenient to the business of this corporation and its purposes and objects. (d) This Corporation is organized for nonprofit purposes and does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit. No part of any accumulated surplus or net earnings, if any, shall ever inure to the benefit of its members. SECTION 4. OFFICE: The principal office of the Chapter shall be located in Ada County, Idaho. SECTION 5. REGISTERED OFFICE AND AGENT: The Chapter shall continuously maintain within the State of Idaho a registered agent and a registered office. ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES: The Chapter shall have five membership categories designated as follows: • General Contractor Member • Specialty Contractor Member • Associate Member • Honorary Member • Non-Home Members