2019-2020 Hillsborough County Medical Association, Inc. Membership Directory

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 11 MEDICAL SPECIALTY CODES A Allergy AA Anti-Aging Medicine ABS Abdominal Surgery ADC Addictionology ADL Adolescent Medicine AI Allergy & Immunology AM Aerospace Medicine AN Anesthesiology APM Pain Management - Anesthesiology ATP Anatomic Pathology BE Broncho-Esophagology BLB Bloodbanking BM Bariatric Medicine CCA Critical Care Anesthesiology CCM Critical Care Medicine CCP Critical Care Pediatrics CCS Critical Care Surgery CD Cardiovascular Disease CDS Cardiovascular Surgery CE Cardiac Electrophysiology CHN Child Neurology CHP Child Psychiatry CLP Clinical Pathology CMP Chemical Pathology CNP Clinical Neuro-physiology CP Cytopathology CRS Colon Rectal Surgery D Dermatology DI Dermatological Immunology/DLI DIA Diabetes DLI Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology DMP Dermatopathology DR Diagnostic Radiology DS Dermatologic Surgery EM Emergency Medicine END Endocrinology FOP Forensic Pathology FP Family Medicine FSM Sports Medicine (Family Medicine) GE Gastroenterology GER Geriatric Medicine GP General Practice GPM General Preventive Medicine GS General Surgery GYN Gynecology GYO Gynecologic Oncology HEM Hematology (Internal Medicine) HMP Hematology (Pathology) HNS Head & Neck Surgery HO Hematology/Oncology HOS Hospitalists HPM Hospice & Palliative Medicine HS Hand Surgery HYP Hypnosis IC Interventional Cardiology ID Infectious Disease IG Immunology IM Internal Medicine INR Interventional Radiology IP Immunopathology IPM Interventional Pain Medicine LAR Laryngology LM Legal Medicine MFM Maternal Fetal Medicine MFS Maxillofacial Surgery MM Medical Microbiology N Neurology NA Neuropathology NC Nuclear Cardiology NCC Critical Care/Neurosurgery ND Neoplastic Diseases NEP Nephrology NM Nuclear Medicine NME Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic NPM Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine NPP Not in Private Practice NR Nuclear Radiology NRR Neuroradiology NS Neurological Surgery NTR Nutrition OBG Obstetrics & Gynecology OBS Obstetrics OM Occupational Medicine OMF Oral Maxillofacial Surgery ON Oncology OPH Ophthalmology ORS Orthopaedic Surgery OS Other Specialty (self designated specialty that is not listed here) OSM Orthopaedic Sports Medicine OSS Orthopaedic Spine Surgery OT Otology OTO Otolaryngology OTR OrthopaedicTrauma P Psychiatry PA Pharmacology - Clinical PCC Pediatric Critical Care PD Pediatrics PDA Pediatric Allery PDC Pediatric Cardiology PDE Pediatric Endocrinology PDN Pediatric Neurology PDP Pediatric Pulmonology PDO Pediatric/Adolescent Orthopaedics PDR Pediatric Radiology PDS Pediatric Surgery PDU Pediatric Urology PEM Pediatric Emergency Medicine PGE Pediatric Gastroenterology PH Public Health PHL Phlebology PHO Pediatric Hematology/Oncology PID Pediatric Infectious Disease PM Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation PNP Pediatric Nephrology PO Pediatric Ophthalmology POT Pediatric Otolaryngology PP Pediatric Pathology PRO Proctology PS Plastic Surgery PSF Plastic Surgery - Facial PTH Pathology PUD Pulmonology PVM Preventive Medicine PYA Psychoanalysis PYM Psychosomatic Medicine R Radiology REN Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility RHI Rhinology RHU Rheumatology RIP Radioisotopic Pathology RON Radiation Oncology SCI Spinal Cord Injury SM Sports Medicine SME Sleep Medicine SON Surgical Oncology TR Therapeutic Radiology TRS Trauma Surgery TS Thoracic Surgery TY Transitional Year U Urological Surgery UM Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine VIR Vascular & Interventional Radiology VLM Venous & Lymphatic Medicine VS Vascular Surgery Rao, Jayant, D., M.D. Phone: (813) 874-5707 - Fax: (813) 874-5908 2502West Saint Isabel Street, Suite B,Tampa, FL 33607 University of Florida, College of Medicine, Gainesville FL 2007 Cert. EM ‘11 EXPLANATION OF LISTINGS: Medical School and Year of Graduation Indicates Board Certified Specialty (See Specialty Code Table) Year of Certification *This directory of members of the Hillsborough County Medical Association includes information about Board Certification. Physicians who are board certified have completed specialty training and passed examinations, testing their knowledge in a particular specialty. The specialties listed in the Medical Specialty Codes are a combination of the AMA Specialty Codes, the FMA Specialty Codes, the American Board of Medical Specialties list of Specialty Board and Certification Categories, and self-designated practice specialties/areas of practice.This membership directory includes board certifications. Physicians who are board certified have completed specialty training and passed examinations, testing their knowledge in a particular specialty.