Huntsville Madison County Builders Association 2022 Parade of Homes Magazine

Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association | 2022 Parade of Homes 14 Before hiring someone, thoroughly research your project and the builders you're considering working with. Here are some tips to get you started: VERIFY the builder's name, address, and phone number. Request REFERENCES on similar work performed by the builder. For customer references, find out: • If they are current references orb old ones; • If the references are for jobs similar to yours; • Are the projects similar in scope and price range to yours? CALL customer references. Ask the tough questions: • How much was the original bid? • How much was the final project? • How did the builder handle communication? Did he/she keep you informed at all times? Were there any surprises? • Did the job finish on schedule? • Are/were you satisfied with the project's quality and workmanship? • Has the contractor handled punch list items and call back items to your satisfaction? Verify the builder is LICENSED. In the State of Alabama, a residential home builder and/ or remodeler must be licensed with the Alabama Homebuilders Licensure Board, which is located in Montgomery, Alabama. To find out if the builder is licensed, ask for a current copy of their home builders license (which is different from a business license), contact the Board at 1-800-304-0853, or check online at Check with the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama to see if there is a history of complaints and with the Huntsville Madison County Builders Association. Ask for proof of INSURANCE, general liability, and workman's comp (when applicable). Obtain 2 or 3 BIDS. When comparing estimates, be sure each is based upon the same set of plans, specifications, and scope of work. Be sure you have a good RAPPORT with the builder. Good communication is essential with your builder. You are entering into a long-term relationship and you must feel comfortable asking questions of the builder and communicating your feelings. Be sure you UNDERSTAND the contract and WARRANTY. There are no stupid questions! Once you've selected your builder, let the person do his or her job! Stay informed and make timely decisions when requested. Pick a plan and stick with it. Changes cost money, and clients are often their own worst enemy during the job's progress. And finally, TRUST the relationship you've created. In the end, the goal is to be happy with the finished project. Every year, thousands of Alabama citizens build new homes, remodel, or repair existing homes. While most residential contractors operate honest businesses, the number one complaint filed with the Attorney General's Consumer Affairs Division concerns home repair fraud. There are important steps that you need to take to protect yourself before hiring a builder or remodeler. Whether you are making minor repairs, adding an addition to your home, or building a new home, arm yourself with the information necessary to choose the right builder. HOME BUILDERS LICENSURE BOARD (800) 304-0853 • HUNTSVILLE MADISON COUNTY BUILDERS ASSOCIATION (256) 536-2602 • HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF ALABAMA (800) 745-4222 • BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU OF NORTH ALABAMA (256) 533-1640 • SHOPPING FOR THE RIGHT BUILDER