El Paso Apartment Association 2021-2022 Membership Directory

2021–2022 Membership Directory 3 President’s Letter Ruby Imai President, El Paso Apartment Association Listening to our Members Organizations must continue to adapt, innovate, and anticipate new industry trends to prosper and remain relevant. Organizations that fail to adapt eventually fade away. Blockbuster Video is a classic example of an organization that failed to listen to their customers’ needs. Where is Blockbuster now? Innovation does not mean that an organization must abandon all traditions and entirely change its culture. Successful companies strike a balance between maintaining the core culture and seeking new ways to meet the needs of their members. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to minimize our ability to host inperson events, but I want to assure you that many of EPAA’s traditional events will continue when local and state guidelines permit us to return to normal. Of course, nobody can predict what restrictions will remain in place in 2022 but we are hopeful the CDC and local health authority’s new guidelines will allow us to proceed with all our planned events. We will be bringing back the Trade Show and Education Forum, the Western Party and hosting many more educational classes. We also have some new initiatives created based on member feedback. You can read more about these initiatives in our magazine, EPAA Vista, but here is a brief list of a few of EPAA’s newest initiatives: • Increasing the supply of Certified Apartment Maintenance Technicians • Enhancing EPAA’s advocacy efforts • Offering comprehensive tenant screening tools for small and medium owners • Creating a centralized maintenance portal for members without full-time maintenance staff • Expanding Under One Roof’s ability to provide financial assistance to victims of floods, fire, and other natural disasters We are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of your membership. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a new idea or any concerns. We are here to serve you and your business.