2019-2020 Calistoga Visitor Guide

12 WINERIES WINERIES Come taste with us. ITWAS A PRETTY BIG DEAL when an unknown Calistoga winery upset the French in a 1976 blind tasting, electrifying the world and putting Napa Valley wines on the international map. Winemakers have known since the late 1800s that this part of the valley is a spectacular wine-growing region. It was an equally big deal in 2009 when winemaker Bo Barrett from the same Calistoga winery, Chateau Montelena, won another landmark victory. This particular vintner was responsible for attracting the attention of the government to officially recognize Calistoga as its own designated grape-growing region, or AVA. The Calistoga wine-making community is immensely proud to be the 15 th Napa Valley AVA, although they’ve known this official measure of respect for their wines was long overdue. GET AROUND For a complete list of transportation options, go to VisitCalistoga.com.