Airforwarders Association - FORWARD Magazine, Spring 2019

AfA Special Features 22 Forward Magazine Q Spring 2019 Airforwarders Association rules and procedures should be handled by the users, and not us. It worked! We believe that some of the robust cargo increases were the result of trucks having easier access to the Atlanta Airport. ATL has grown almost 5 percent in cargo volume over the last four years. Recently, ATL and its partners facilitated more than 434 trucks in one day. We average over 10,300 trucks per month. Peak days are Fridays and Mondays. The chart above overlaps the first four months of 2019 to show the weekly pattern. Several other U.S. airports have expressed an interest in how ATL’s TruckPass is working. It has certainly removed the congestion from the dock doors on the land-side of the warehouses. There are still challenges as the system is not perfect. Sometimes trucks wait longer than their peers arriving at London Heathrow Airport. We solved one problem, but must now address the entire supply chain including: ground handlers, freight forwarders, and airlines as well as truckers, so that they can work in greater coordination, making not only TruckPass, but the entire Atlanta cargo system more efficient. In an effort to bring additional improvement, the Airport has been working with the private sector to implement the first U.S.-based air cargo community system. We are in the process of implementing a pilot program and will hopefully have this fully integrated by the end of 2019. The idea is that all stakeholders in the supply chain will have greater transparency on the movement of cargo. Greater transparency, we feel, leads to greater efficiency. The effort is ongoing, so keep your eyes on Atlanta as we implement measures to make the world’s busiest and most efficient passenger airport, one of the world’s most efficient cargo airports as well. Elliott Paige is the Director for Air Service Development at Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport. He joined the world’s busiest and most efficient airport after a successful career promoting trade and investment for over 20 years, including serving 10 years as a trade diplomat in Geneva, Switzerland. Elliott also worked as an international civil servant with the World Trade Organization and the United Nation’s International Trade Center. For comments or questions on the article, please contact . Source: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Air Service Development Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday WEDNesday WEDNesday WEDNesday WEDNesday WEDNesday THURsday THURsday THURsday THURsday THURsday FRIday FRIday FRIday FRIday FRIday SATURday SATURday SATURday SATURday SATURday SUNday SUNday SUNday SUNday SUNday MONday MONday MONday MONday MONday 0 150 300 50 200 350 450 100 250 400 500 T r u c k P a s s S t a t s – N u m b e r o f T r u c k s p e r d a y, 2 0 1 9 JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL