Airforwarders Association FORWARD Magazine, Fall 2018

55 Fall 2018 Q Forward Magazine billing, the corporate office’s extensive knowledge and assistance keeps our business flowing smoothly,” comments Patrick on ICAT’s support. Bill Thompson, owner of the Denver agency, came on board in 2016 from a well-known global logistics company. Positioned in a large market, Thompson and his team’s main goal was to focus on gaining business from major accounts in the area, particularly those with which they had past business encounters. Thompson attributes his decision to becoming an ICAT agency to furthering their client base “Where there would be limited boundaries to exceptional customer service at a reasonable price.” He continued by saying, “ ICAT had the experience and knowledge of transportation that I envisioned for myself as a partner—one that could progressively grow with the times. ” At the beginning of 2017, Agency Owner Liza Finuliar opened the ICAT San Francisco office, bringing an extended footprint to the ICAT network in California. With both an operational and sales background, Finuliar’s main concentration was on creating relationships in the area, which she successfully accomplished within the first year of being established. Finuliar contributes her success to the ICAT network, stating, “Everyone at ICAT Logistics has passion, drive, and a love for what they do, and that shows every day.” Care and Patience: The Key to Growth Today, 3 of the 4 original employees are still with ICAT Logistics, showing that the core values of Integrity, Loyalty, Commitment, Passion, and Respect are more than just words displayed on the wall of the Home Office. From four employees working in a small one-room office to over 150 employees located across the globe, the ICAT name has grown significantly with the dedicated people that have joined the company throughout the last quarter century. The small, dying plant found at ICAT’s first office now resides in President and CEO, Rick Campbell’s office. After months of nursing it, the team realized it wasn’t a plant at all—it was a tree! Over the years, as ICAT grew, the tree grew, too. Just like ICAT, the tree has seen goods days and bad. It has spent times lying dormant, and it has surprised everyone with quick growth spurts. Yet, despite all the ups and downs, it’s as healthy and strong as it’s ever been. Referred to as the “ICAT Tree,” it serves as a constant reminder of the ICAT mission—to help all those we touch grow positively. 1. Hart, Michael, and Bill Dymond. “The Great Recession and International Trade.” Policy Options, 1 June 2010, and-international-trade/. MEDIA CONTACT Nicole Reed, ICAT Logistics, Inc. (443) 459-8130 |