Airforwarders Association FORWARD Magazine, Fall 2018

Member News 54 Forward Magazine Q Fall 2018 Airforwarders Association When 9/11 occurred, the world as we knew it changed completely. Security and regulations increased dramatically within the transportation and logistics industry, changing the way we travel and the way we ship. Since then, marine terminals have implemented RFID tags on their chassis and containers, long-haul trucking companies have installed remote monitoring and logging devices in their tractor units, and all cargo on passenger aircraft had to be 100 percent screened for explosive devices before loading, just to name a few. Not only did this tragic event present a wake-up call, but it transformed the way we would conduct business, the way we would live, and the way we would view life, forever. Not even a decade later, the Great Recession put a huge damper on business throughout the country. Times were tough, not just for ICAT Logistics, but for the entire U.S. transportation and logistics industry. The impact on global trade was severe, falling by around 12 percent in 2009, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO). China’s monthly exports dramatically fell from $140 billion to around $60 billion, which in turn, had astronomical adverse effects on the U.S. import business. 1 Resilience is Key Although ICAT has faced many setbacks, the drive and determination from their agencies and corporate employees have always placed them back on top, showing that aside from dedication and hard work, resilience is key. Even with these unexpected and uncontrollable hurdles, some locations that opened their doors prior to the Great Recession are still operating today, including two of the most seasoned agencies, Portland and Newark. When Portland Agency Owner, Todd Benner, joined ICAT in 2003, he and his business partner had a laser focus and exceled in their ideal niches, including a high-end modular furniture company that eventually branched out into supplying schools and medical entities. In 2012, Benner and his partner took over the Hawaii office. When his partner retired in 2015, Benner took over full ownership, and just two years later, acquired the Los Angeles agency. Benner stated, “I originally chose ICAT due to the promise of support and the interaction I had during our first meeting. Fifteen years later, I’m still here because of the trust I have built with the team and the continued support I receive daily. The relationship we have created allows us to grow together and keep pushing forward.” In 2005, the addition of the Newark office was welcomed to the ICAT network. Agency Owners Nancy Murray and Ted Rosamilia positioned themselves in the Home Delivery sector, servicing several large, well-known companies. In 2013, Murray and Rosamilia decided it was time to re-align their focus on what they still do today: delivering excellent customer service to many exhibit houses, POP display, and store fixture companies. “We have found a true home here at ICAT—everyone is supportive, and we have the ability to lean on each other for different levels of expertise,” said Murray. Growing, Growing, Gone – 2014 & Beyond Since 2014, ICAT Logistics has seen double-digit percentage growth year after year, with 2017 being their best year yet. Though 2018 is still in progress, that trend is on track to exceed last year’s numbers as well. The amazing growth ICAT has seen in the past few years is attributed to many of the offices that have joined the agency network with the “you grow, we grow” mentality adopted by ICAT. With several agencies added in the last four years, many of them have doubled, and even tripled, their business from when they were first established, focusing on providing an exceptional customer experience and building strong relationships with their clients. Nashville Agency Owners, Jerry Patrick and Mark Holt, joined ICAT Logistics at the start of the company’s explosive growth in 2014. Both coming from an industry competitor, they had the experience, knowledge, and determination to start their own business, focusing on their main niche of audio-visual companies. “ICAT’s corporate support has been instrumental for our overall growth. Whether it’s customer interactions, vendor relations or The three original employees of ICAT Logistics. (Pictured from left to right: Jeanie Perkins, Steve Briggs and Rick Campbell)