Airforwarders Association FORWARD Magazine, Fall 2018

Member News 34 Forward Magazine Q Fall 2018 Airforwarders Association What will you do with more time in your hands? How does a stress break sound for you? Can we help you with your work? Relax, we've got you. We know that you need an ally who understands the industry. Someone that realizes that cargo is moving at a tremendous pace and know that the industry is under constant evolution. Someone who is conscious of your company needs and that can offer you fast and efficient tools to keep your cargo moving. You need someone that understands the frustration, stress, congestion, hard work and the long hours behind freight. At Cargo Sprint we know what you’re going through, because we’ve been there. That’s why we understand that it’s not just about developing the correct tools, it’s also about creating a better experience. We develop digital solutions that boost time efficiency, optimize processes, gather data, create reports, reduce your workload, increase your cashflow and reduce congestion. All while relieving stress, making your work easier and freeing up your time. It all sounds great, but who are we? We are the payment platform that helps you process payments to over 5,000 facilities in a fast, secure and seamless way. Enjoy flexibility through different payment methods, download and manage reports, invoices and statements. Discover credit terms and make same day payments. We are the check-in system, that allows you to pick up your cargo through an easier process with less waiting times and no complications. Receive instant notifications through digital timestamps and manage data driven reports. We are experts working together with the single goal of disrupting the industry. We have experience in trucking companies, airlines, freight forwarding, cargo facilities and software development. But most importantly we have experience as customers who have gone through the same difficulties and worries as you. We are specialized digital solutions, to keep your cargo moving. We are your workload reduction solution, your less- stress system and your fast processing We l com e t o t h e Cargo Spr i n t Expe r i ence