Airforwarders Association FORWARD Magazine, Fall 2018

31 Fall 2018 Q Forward Magazine Member News F orwarding has increasingly become a process of managing cargo rather than just moving it one way or another. The logistics world of today and tomorrow requires unrestricted collaboration to obtain maximum transparency and simplification as well as faster, more efficient handling. Seamless exchange of all data and information between all participants is the key to achieving these goals, boundless connectivity is the way to go. A multitude of theoretical paths lead to this goal and just as many differing opinions exist as to the supposedly perfect solution. Every new technology arrives on a wave of hype regardless of its usefulness and necessity. In practice, it's about tangible, helpful solutions, the right and perfect tool for the purpose intended. Logically, a hands-on Transport Management System (TMS) should – in addition to fulfilling the basic requirements of forwarding like creation and transmission of the e-AWB – emphasize collaborative management and transparent digital connectivity. Scope does both, just without the hype. Scope is the TMS empowering forwarders to easily manage and track their entire business cycle – from quotes to delivery. At each stage of a shipment, Scope connects to a multitude of third–party providers and Cargo Community Systems, offering a communication platform that enables seamless exchange of information without time-consuming system changes and avoiding fault-prone re-key of data. Thus, Scope drives collaboration while simultaneously increasing data integrity and improving productivity. To achieve these objectives, Scope itself collaborates. The complementary browser-based application Scope Connect creates, has a high degree of transparency, enabling tracking of progress along the supply chain. All participants obtain reliable guidance as to their responsibilities, with options to intervene – regardless whether they use Scope or not. In order to create immediate brand recognition for any stakeholder, the clearly designed, user- friendly desktop of Scope Connect may be customized to match a forwarder's corporate design. Allowing authorized access across locations presents all stakeholders across the globe with the latest information, Scope Connect reinforces collaboration at each stage of the process. All relevant documents are available prior to a shipment's arrival. Participants can review them right away and the next step can be taken immediately. Users are able to screen shipment status and check fulfillment of milestones for verification purposes. They can detect and correct deficiencies to avoid unwanted and costly delays. Shippers can place bookings directly with immediate visibility in Scope, ready for further processing without loss of time or crucial information. The shipment monitor with its integrated dashboards provides meaningful graphs and supplementary overview maps that give users reliable information on current status of shipments. The dashboards operate with real-time data to ensure accurate, timely monitoring and advice. Clickable graphical filter functions accelerate targeted selections and allow individual examination from pickup to delivery – including exceptions. The benefits are numerous and the advantages pay off. Knowing what is happening and who has what to do and when is priceless. In other words, Scope and Scope Connect enable unrestricted collaboration at the highest level, made possible by boundless connectivity. Go Connect! Boundless connectivity is the key to unrestricted collaboration. By Mark Ketcham, Riege Software International