Airforwarders Association FORWARD Magazine, Fall 2018

19 Fall 2018 Q Forward Magazine appeared on ballots nationwide, which represents more than $50 billion in transportation investments, including roads and bridges, public transit, ports, and more. Based on the results of these initiatives and the Democrat’s legislative priorities, we anticipate significant changes for the transportation industry in this country. Oversight One of the most prevalent themes we expect to see with the new congress is an intense look into oversight. Specifically, we expect the House majority to begin questioning the Trump administration’s oversight of the Department of Homeland Security – and oversight of TSA in particular. The Airforwarders Association has been called to testify regarding TSA as recently as last year, and may be called to appear before Congress again. We will be eager and prepared to advocate for the best interests of the forwarding industry, including advocating for consistent interpretation of regulations, industry- wide standardization of training, and critical updates to the Known Shipper Program. New Initiatives A shift in party leadership almost always means a shift in the legislative agenda. We can now expect to see significant transportation infrastructure legislation to be forthcoming that should address road and airport funding. Voters across the U.S. have approved at least $9.2 billion so far to support school construction, water infrastructure upgrades and road and bridge repair, led by multi-billion-dollar measures in California. The new pollical dynamic also brings trade agreements into the spotlight. While the President can still levy tariffs, he will need Congressional approval to ratify trade agreements. This means that big ticket items such as the USMCA, a pending free trade agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, could run into prohibitive approval issues. Moving Forward While we are encouraged by the recently highlighted transpiration issues, and the potential for progress for the forwarding industry, we remain cautiously optimistic. With Democrats in control of the house and Republicans in control of the senate, the specter of gridlock remains a very real concern. Vigilance will be more important than ever given these new dynamics, and any changes to infrastructure or trade regulations will be hard fought.